Nina Dobrev Joins Celebs at the Dentist Club! (PHOTOS)

don't forget to floss!
Kevin Jonas at the Dentist

While many dread dentist check-ups, it seems as though celebrities care just as much about dental hygiene as the rest of us!

Nina Dobrev tweeted this pic of herself while getting ready to undergo the dreaded wisdom teeth surgery and said:

":( aikaramba!! Here goes.. Nervous. But peasantlyLoopy.Don't like needles or blood. This is not going to be fun. Yikes"
Getting your wisdom teeth removed a couple days before Thanksgiving? That doesn't sound like the best planning if you ask us!

Want to see other celebs who love to take care of their pearly whites? Check out the gallery!



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  • Violet Woods
    Violet Woods

    Aww :) David Archuleta right before he got at least 3 of his 4 wisdom teeth out. He did a video blog before heading there, tweeted this photo from the chair, then tweeted about each extraction. Follow @DavidArchie on twitter - he's on his 2-yar church mission but his manager Kari posts news, saved treats and bits from David's mission emails.

  • Lisa

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  • Ashley

    More celebrity news at CELEBU R.COM

  • Ashley

    More celebrity news at CELEBU R.COM

  • Heather

    That's because REAL (Canadian) Thanksgiving is in October.