Olivia Munn on Matt Bomer’s ‘Magic Mike’ Strip Tease: ‘He Can Shake It’

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Anyone who has seen Matt Bomer shirtless on set of Magic Mike or suited up in White Collar, it’s obvious he’s a good looking guy. But his movie costar Olivia Munn recently disclosed that the 34-year-old actor is also quite the stripper. She told New York Magazine: 

“I’m furious that I’m not there watching Matt Bomer shake it, because he can shake it, probably better than most people in the world.”

The highly anticipated Magic Mike movie about a male strip club (loosely based on heartthrob Channing Tatum’s real life!) even has Olivia giddy. She said of her costars’ seductive dances: 

“I’m not getting a sneak peek — I’m front and center, going, ‘Oh my gosh!'”

She added, telling NY mag, “I’m not a very shy girl, but when I watch them, I become a very shy, giggling Japanese schoolgirl: ‘I can’t believe I’m watching this!’ Like, I regret the days I’m not there watching them dance.”

The movie is sure to make anyone blush with shirtless shots from Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs including Tatum, Bomer,  Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey. Who do you think is the hottest? Defend your decision in the comments!