Salma Hayek Steals a Kiss from Antonio Banderas (PHOTOS)

The always stylish Salma Hayek opted for a more casual style while promoting the animated film Puss in Boots in Madrid, Spain. Arriving at the morning photocall with her co-star Antonio Banderas, the actress wore a colorful sheer top and black flare pants, paired with a black belt.

During the promotional event, the costars got close -- with Antonio planting a big kiss on Salma's cheek! Yeah, we're a little jealous. 

Salma has been sporting all kinds of different looks while promoting the animated film. Yesterday, she sported a maroon blazer and this black ruffled skirt as she posed for some photos at film’s German premiere.

What do you think of her style? Sound off in the comments.



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  • Emmett North Jr
    Emmett North Jr

    Salma and Antonio still look great after not seeing them for awhile,Emmett North Jr.