Celebrity Cheerleaders: Cameron, Snooki, Kendall & More! (PHOTOS)

Backstage With Kendall
Behind the Scenes With Kendall Jenner at Sherri Hill
Kendall behind the scenes at her runway debut. Watch »

Before they were starring in big-budget blockbusters and reality TV shows, many of today's A-listers were hanging out on the sidelines, doing preps, mounts and chants as they cheered on their school's various sports teams.

Cameron Diaz, Snooki and Kendall Jenner are just some of Hollywood's most famous faces who made the big leap (pun not intended) from cheerleading to stardom. Heck, even funnywoman Amy Poehler was a cheerleader at one point.

Check out these and more in our Celebrity Cheerleaders gallery now!



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  • lucy

    shes not a *kardashian, shes a jenner.

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    what a hottie!

  • citygirl

    beautiful girl. She has not aged very well tho,

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    what a pretty girl

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  • ashley

    what's all the hype of this kendall girl? how much are you ppl getting paid by the kartrashian's to talk about them all day every day?