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Justin Bieber was in great spirits during his visit to The Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday evening, during which he poked fun at some of his questionable wax figures, discussed his paternity scandal with Mariah Yeater and tried to name all seven continents.

The 17-year-old pop sensation, who was there to promote his new CD, Under the Mistletoe, provided some pretty awesome running commentary as Letterman showed him some pictures of his infamous wax figures. "I don't know what they were thinking," Bieber quipped.

"It doesn't look like me at all," he said of one in particular.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Bieber spoke openly about the onging saga with Mariah Yeater, who recently accused Justin of fathering her baby.

"I could smell a weasel. People make up false accusations … I am 17, but it is going to happen," he said.

And, in a rare moment of humility, Justin was forced to name all seven continents during a discussion about his travels. Luckily, he passed the test - with a little help from Dave, of course.

Check out a clip from the interview now.



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  • danielleakame

    yeah i have to say the wax fig doesnt look like him and is scary, well both are scary...but yeah.

  • elf

    Your an angel? I thought angels would have better spelling......

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin

    Yo bro bieb I know the baby isn't yours I'm an arch angel I would know about this situation if you do press charges think it over because it would not make you any better than she is so have mercy on her and drop the charges. P.s/I'm mikail the 4 th arch angel pf god and if you have any amount of faith in my father you would do what I ask of you.