Robert Pattinson Strolls Solo Following Days With Kristen Stewart (PHOTOS)

Rob & Kristen's Premiere!
The couple cuddles up on the Breaking Dawn carpet
Robert Pattinson stepped out in London on Friday, with his phone and a briefcase of sorts in tow. Dressed casually in blue pants, a black jacket and baseball cap, Rob headed out for the day.

He and girlfriend Kristen Stewart have been inseparable in London ever since the Breaking Dawn press tour finished up, including some night’s out with his family.

So is there really tension between Kristen and Robert Pattinson’s mom?

Not at all, like In Touch reported.

In fact, Kristen and Clare Pattinson get along very well, sources assure. 

Stewart, Rob, and the Pattinson’s all went out to catch Marcus Foster’s show, and they looked like one happy family an insider there tells Celebuzz. Although, Kristen’s attention was more focused on Rob, of course!

The couple were able to totally let loose, dancing, enjoying some drinks and some kisses Wednesday. Onlookers say Kristen and Rob had their arms wrapped around each other all night, and had a blast singing along to Marcus Foster’s songs. Stewart was especially animated, yelling things like “don’t stop Marcus!” and other encouraging words to the stage! Rob dotted on his lady the entire time, of course.

Remember, Stewart appeared in Foster’s music video for “I Was Broken.”

So glad these two had a romantic, and fun date night! Unfortunately the paparazzi definitely put a damper on that hounding them on their way home (although R.Pattz did his best to shield Kristen).

Photographers aside, what a great way to celebrate Breaking Dawn taking the number one spot at the box office again!