Where’s the Beef? Celebrity Feuds Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Channing vs. Alex
Who's the hotter 'Magic Mike' star?
The holidays present the perfect formula for family feuds to unravel right at the dinner table. Fun times! Here in Hollywood, when a celebrity feud ignites it’s a special occasion all its own. 

In that spirit, Celebuzz presents some of the most famous feuds through the years!

Remember when Lady Gaga got owned by Bette Midler? How about the time Chelsea Handler sensationally dissed Angelina Jolie? Sit back, sip some cider and ease any remaining tensions with a little stress relief. Drama is far more entertaining when it’s between two other people! 

It is worth noting that, some withstanding, many of the parties involved have been able to patch things up and move forward. 

Hey, if these mega-egos can put their differences aside, there’s hope for the rest of us! 

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