Win a Chance to Meet Ciara By Being a Music Locavore!

Ciara Shows Leg!
The singer flashes skin at the Grammys.
Is music something you’re obsessed with and are always searching out, hunting for the next great tune or artist? Well, we’ve got something that you’re sure to love.

Pop superstar Ciara has teamed up with Celebuzz, T-Mobile and Walmart to give you the opportunity to prove how much of a music junkie you really are. In fact, they want to reward all of the music locavores out there. What’s that? It’s someone who isn’t just obsessed with music, but someone who is totally immersed in their area’s local music scene.

There’s going to be a few more parts to this, but trust us, it’ll all be worth it if you win. So, go to our sister site ConcreteLoop by clicking here and get entered to win!

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