Salma Hayek Takes a Tumble! See Other Celebs Who Be Trippin' (PHOTOS)

This fall season has seen a few celebrity tumbles, most recently being that of Mexican beauty Salma Hayek. While in Paris, the actress and her daughter Valentina were headed to the premiere of Puss In Boots when Salma, dressed in sky-high heels and a pencil skirt, fell to the floor while attempting to walk down some stairs at the George V Hotel. 

Don't worry Salma, you're not the only one with a red face. Everyone from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi to Lady Gaga have fallen this autumn. Click the pics to see other celebrities who have taken tumbles while cameras were rolling. 

On stage accidents happen more than musicians like to admit. Just this summer, Rihanna fell on her face during a performance in London. Luckily, she was okay. Check out the video below! Do you have any embarrassing moments? Share them in the comments!



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    Lol is somebody pulling her by her hair ?