Prince William Saves Shipwrecked Sailors (PHOTOS)

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Talk about Prince Charming to the rescue!

Prince William made headlines Sunday for his courageous act in helping to rescue shipwrecked Russian sailors. William, who serves serves as Flight Lt. William Wales in the Royal Air Force, was co-pilot in a rescue mission that responded to a mayday call from Swanland’s, a cargo vessel whose hull cracked due to bad weather. The prince flew out to the Irish Sea and managed to airlift two men out of the water and bring them to safety.

We applaud William’s hard work and he now joins the elite group of celebs who have saved lives. Check out our gallery above for more famous figures who have pitched in to become a real-life celebrity heroes!

However, due to bad weather conditions, six men from the Swanland’s crew have yet to be located.

“We are very concerned for the safety of the other six crew members. We know that at least some of [the missing] are wearing immersion suits and have strobe lighting with them,” Jim Green, a coastguard who co-ordinated the rescue, told BBC. “However, sea conditions are challenging at best.”

We hope these sailors are found soon and we’re sure Prince William won’t hesitate in saving more lives!