For the Lovers: Miley Cyrus Strikes a Pose for 'NoH8' (PHOTO)

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Miley Cyrus just can't be tamed. 

She's managed to stir up a little controversy with just about everything she's done this past week, and we're sort of loving her rebel ways.

Just today, she took on the much debated topic of gay marriage. Miley managed to make her point without saying a word.

Snapped by photographer Adam Bouska for his NoH8 Campaign, a behind-the-scenes outtake was posted on his Facebook wall showing the singer striking a pose in a see-through shirt and black bra. The campaign is a silent protest against the "haters" who oppose gay marriage. 

Miley also touched upon the controversial Occupy Wall Street protests by dedicating her song "Liberty Walk" to the demonstrators. 

During her recent birthday celebration, she made headlines for referring to herself as a "pot head" at her party -- which she says was a joke. 



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  • Bo

    I've never seen such a short sighted reply as this. I guess you never fell in love in your life? Cause if you fall in love.. you fall in love & there's no way you can fight that feeling without being unhappy.. rather you like it or not. In my opinion no one deserves to be unhappy.. so let "them" be happy, the way they are. Who are you actually.. to say that a individual makes a poor decision to be gay.. You can't make decisions about what you want to feel & certainly not a wrong one. Unless your gay.. you can NOT talk about how they feel.

  • jessica

    um, no, they are not born that way. God didn't design any of us to be... it's a poor decision that an individual makes.

  • Bo

    There's no such thing as right or wrong in love/marriage.. it's not like they woke up one day & decided, "ok.. let's be gay!". They're born that way.. & who actually decided its wrong to be gay? Because.. if it's wrong in "god his eyes".. how come that HE created gay people on to this world in the first place?

  • crep

    Why people here is full of hate.Before you judge miley,look first to yourself and stop criticizing here...

  • :$

    of course she is showing her bra..... *cough* slut *cough*

  • Henry

    The ancient Greeks regarded homosexuals love as the purest of all and believed heterosexual love as selfish and vulgar because while heterosexuals got together for the sake of reproducing mostly in those days, the homosexuals stayed together out of pure love and enjoyment of each others companies. So, there's that. Also, anyone who believes gay marriage is wrong, immoral, or any other sort is an outright idiot. They are the lowest self righteous scum on this planet. Sorry I'm not sorry. I applaud Miley for being so young and taking stands for what she believes in. I hope she continues in her efforts. That is all.

  • Mandy

    Maybe you need to Google "NOH8". It's a photo campaign started in opposition of Proposition 8 in California - which was a bill against gay marriage. Are there really people who don't know this? She is taking a photo for the NOH8 campaign, as you can clearly see from the writing on her cheek and the tape on her mouth. If someone saw this picture in a gallery of Miley pics, they would say "Hey, she's taking photos for the NOH8 campaign, she obviously supports gay marriage".

  • festie

    how is this picture a statement on gay marriage? for or against? this is as stupid as it is shallow and vapid. if someone saw this picture in a gallery of "miley pics", i'm pretty sure not one person would say, "hey look, she's talking about gay marriage". and before you go whing about how i took this out of context, you took it out of context,not me. idiot.

  • Twitch

    Personally, I believe no one has the right to tell anyone that they can't love, hate, marry, divorce anyone. That kind of thing is such a deep, personal agenda that I can't comprehend how people just can't mind their own fucking business and let people be happy. Same with abortion, no one can say what ones thoughts are and shouldn't try to control anyone based on your own beliefs, it's not your decision, so butt the fuck out.

  • Heather Moreno Borrego
    Heather Moreno Borrego

    I don't agree with gay marriage. Regardless of my religious beliefs, my family traditions and common sense of reproduction have me set in my ways. It's amazing how 2 men and 2 women can't procreate children. It's also amazing that it's the law in all nature that that a male and female must be together to reproduce. I know, someone is going to say, " Marriage is just not about procreation, it's about love and wanting to be with someone." Please, we have lost all sense of tradition and have gotten sloppy with what we call marriage these days. Not even the straight couples can figure it out. We have yet to set the proper example for one another. I as well do not dislike gays. Hate is a strong word. But because I do not agree with gay marriage it does not make me any different from anyone else on their personal views. I am not scared to stand up for my beliefs. Hollywood can do and say what they want, I am no follower.

  • Brandon

    Your religious beliefs don't make it OK. It's still bigotry. All people should have equal rights, disallowing anyone activities held by the majority is nothing less then creating second class citizens. You can say all you want that you don't hate, and that is great. I'm glad you don't. But it does not justify what you believe. Holding that they can not get married is still bigotry, and it is still unethical. Religion does not justify treating people as second class, and it does not justify bigotry.

  • TS

    I'm glad you don't hate. I respect your religious beliefs, and who am I to decide what's right and what's wrong? Love and understanding are always the most important. Denying gays the right to marry doesn't seem very much about love and more about political agendas. Live and let live. I don't hate the people who think gay marriage is wrong. I guess I don't really understand where they're coming from.

  • Brooks Elliott
    Brooks Elliott

    Because of my religious beliefs I feel Gay marriage is wrong too, but I don't hate anyone for doing it, I think it is wrong to hate anyone for anything.

  • jessica

    ok seriously, it is wrong, and just because i don't believe it's ok does not mean that i have any hate for them at all. i like how nobody can dare anything against gays, but you can say whatever you want about those of us who still believe it is wrong.

  • watta fluk
    watta fluk

    Yea it is.

  • TS

    No it isn't. I have some gay friends and their relationships are just as beautiful as straight ones. It's all about love and spreading good will. Kudos to Miley. Don't hate Miranda.

  • Miranda

    Gay marriage is wrong