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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Do you miss having entertainment freedom at your fingertips while you're out on the go? It's time to turn that frown upside down with the VIZIO 8” Tablet with WiFi! Celebuzz is feeling extra generous as the Christmas season approaches, so we're giving one (1) VIZIO tablet away to a lucky reader!

The tablet features a high definition 8” touchscreen with a thin, ultra-light design. Access hundreds of thousands of apps to enjoy movies, TV shows, music and more! If you feel you absolutely must purchase your own now, check out VIZIO on Twitter and Facebook to find out how.

Are you hoping to win the tablet? Here’s how to enter:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us how you would use the tablet.

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Monday, December 5th at 9 AM EST.

Get commenting!


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Default avatar
  • Debbie

    I feel out of the loop without a tablet! Help me!

  • Maggie Neilson
    Maggie Neilson

    If I won this tablet I would use it to learn how to use an app, watch netflix, stay current on my email and games when i'm out and about, and as a tool to read stories to my grandson.

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I would use it for surfing the web and watching netflix

  • Kayla Stratton
    Kayla Stratton

    I would use it while I am in the hospital for my next big surgery to keep in touch with my family that can't make it. I have to have surgery to break my jaw, and straighten my upper and lower jaw together, so I will be in the hospital for a few weeks recovering. I have lots of people who would like to know how I was doing.

  • Kelly Lebo
    Kelly Lebo

    I would love one of these, i am always trying to be organzied and with one of these i could be super organzied.

  • Amarilis Ian
    Amarilis Ian

    This is perfecto for school. I can have all my books virtually and just take this tablet. Plus have access to movies, music and of course the latest celebuzz news :)

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    I would definitely gift this tablet since it is the season of giving!!! :)

  • Danielle Erickson
    Danielle Erickson

    This tablet would help me start my photography buisness by keeping a digital portforlio of my work instead of giving a website link to people that who knows when they might view them. It would be a convient way to grab out of my bag to display high-quality photos to people of intreset. Its been a passion of mine for the past few years, and it would be so wonderful to have such a modern way to express my passion of photography. And with that said, It would also help entertain my 3 yr old daughter with educational apps, games & videos! This would be the best christmas present I could ever ask for! =)

  • Valeria Corrieri
    Valeria Corrieri

    OMG i love it...i would use to do study,watch my favourite series,listen to music,i would carry it with me everywhere because i think it's very useful

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    i would use it for music, recipes, books, who knows, i don't have an i pod or i phone so it would be a learning experience

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I would use this for school, when I am on the road, when I'm at home, when I'm in the shower (J/K). But really I would use this just about anywhere all the time!! I NEED it Celebuzz!!!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    i would use the tablet to study and do homework. Since i have nerve damage in my arm it is difficult for me to write so this would help me out!!

  • Lizbeth Hernandez-jaramillo
    Lizbeth Hernandez-jaramillo

    i would love this tablet for my husband, he's such a technology junkie. i know he would love it. i was going to purchase one for him but they are so expensive!. he would use it for movies! and surfing the internet. i know he would take it everywhere with him. i would love to win this for him so i am able to give him a nice xmas gift! ty

  • Ana Cecilia Perez
    Ana Cecilia Perez

    I would give it to my son for Christmas. He is so sweet & does so well in school that I don't know anyone who would deserve it more!

  • Camila García
    Camila García

    would use for many activities to keep memories of trips to do with my family. on the plane also use him as an agenda of tasks and activities. listen to music, enter to all the pages into which one used during the day to watch any news. school use would be of great use to not miss any work . and last is indispensable for the use of the whole family

  • Janelle Zipagang
    Janelle Zipagang

    I would use the tablet to save me from the certain boredom that frequently, and often unexpectedly, grabs hold of my life, attempting to suffocate the light of interest from me. Prime examples include long lines (like at the DVM), waiting for jury duty to begin, waiting for the laundry to dry, and boring airport layovers.

  • Taylor

    this would be SO COOL to win! i have never tried these, but i would love to! i could get so much stuff done on-the-go!

  • Charli Denae
    Charli Denae

    If I won the VIZIO tablet, I would write my best-selling novel on it. I'd figure that, if I was lucky enough to win the tablet, I'd be lucky enough to have a novel published. Right? ;o)

  • Carla Sofia Rodrigues
    Carla Sofia Rodrigues

    I would give the tablet to my mother. She has never learned how to use a computer because "it intimidates her" (she was born in portugal on a farm in the '50s), but as an assistant teacher of children with down syndrome, she has learned how to use the touch screen computers at work that the kids use with learning programs...having this tablet would definitely encourage her to learn how to surf the net, sign up for email, even learn how to read a book on it without "intimidating" her!

  • Emma Lonzey
    Emma Lonzey

    i would share the tablet with my two sisters beacuse we only have one computer between the three of us. it would be great to have another source to rely on. i reallly need because our computer doesnt really work properly.

  • wheat636

    I'm an artist, so I'd keep all my files for easy showing. It'd be convenient not to have to power up a clumsy laptop everywhere I go!

  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    I use my iPhone for everything... notes, netflix, grocery lists, calendar, facebook, twitter, email, etc. It would be AMAZING to have it all on a bigger screen that I can do more web browsing and actually do work for my job right on that. Very useful! (@l_marielle)

  • rainesmom

    I would keep the tablet in the kitchen - the 'hub' of our family's home. It would be used to coordinate everyone's schedules (sports, work, appts, etc.), find & store recipes, read books, and entertain the kids with games - so many possibilities!

  • Anna Carol
    Anna Carol

    I would use it to stay on twitter all the time,to read my ebooks that I love and would be able to read them everywhere with my tablet

  • Yaritza M. Rivera
    Yaritza M. Rivera

    I would love to win this tablet because I would be able to do practically ANYTHING while on the run! I would be able to catch up on work related things while stuck in traffic instead of having to stay up and extra hour or more AFTER the kids are in bed, and I could also do fun stuff to make my commutes fun! I've been wanting a tablet for a while now, but it's not on my budget. I'm a single mom of twin boys (6) so if I won this, it would be only xmas gift! It would be nice to have something to open up on xmas too! :) I have liked you on facebook and followed you on twitter!!! Happy Holidays!

  • Gloria walshver
    Gloria walshver

    i would use it to play games and go online.

  • Michelle Schembri
    Michelle Schembri

    I would love to use this tablet to keep me connected while I'm busy with school, work, family, and friends! There are endless uses that I'd love benefiting from by having this this tablet. From play time, to work time!

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I would use it for social media, listening to music, staying organized and entertained! It would be a blessing to own such a great tablet! Thanks for the chance to win

  • Megan Look
    Megan Look

    I would use the tablet for work. Because I travel a lot, this would allow me to listen to my music. Also, I am studying for the GMATs, so this would allow me to be able to cram in some studying anywhere.

  • Sarah 'Uramkin' Austin
    Sarah 'Uramkin' Austin

    The kids and I would love this. We are a little behind with technology so we would use this for the internet, play music and games, and take it with us where ever we venture.

  • Stacey O. Davis
    Stacey O. Davis

    I would give it to my husband for Christmas!!

  • Cyn Knight
    Cyn Knight

    i would use it to read all the latest on celebuzz -- of course! :)

  • Mike N Shannon Clark
    Mike N Shannon Clark

    I have 6 kids my father in law lives wit hus who has diabetes, I would use the tablet for educational childrens games educating myseld further in diabetes video chatting with my parents and older children. Movies music pictures games---LIFE in general!!! Thanks for reading!

  • chelyea

    I would use it for traveling. I would download movies and apps to keep myself and my kids entertained. I would also use it to keep up with social media on the go. Following on Celebuzz on twitter and Facebook :)

  • Lacey Henry
    Lacey Henry

    I am 32 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child! I also have an 8 year old, and having this tablet would allow me to check Celebuzz from anywhere in the house while taking care of my new baby! lol! I would really love this also because I will be starting back at school full time for teaching and this would be great to take to school!

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    I would give it to my son for Christmas; it would come in handy for him on campus.

  • jessenia

    omg please i want to win this so bad i would use it for school for facebook,twitter ect..ect.. for everything.. its so little and it fits anywhere it would make my social life a lot more easier because u can take it anywhere!

  • fms1291

    I would use this on my commute back and forth to school. It's so boring and I'd totally be able to keep myself occupied with this!

  • Carolyn Currin
    Carolyn Currin

    As a stay at home mom who does her mom's home care would use the Vizio 8" tablet for keeping appointments and her medicine regement at my finger tips. I would also use the tablet to keep track of all the books I ready on a daily bases. I would also like to buy and down load my favorite music and movies that I watch so when I am out at the doctors appointments for my mom I will have something to do why I wait.

  • Barbara Pilgrim
    Barbara Pilgrim

    I'm currently using another brand that I'm renting. I'd love to win this tablet so I don't have to pay the crazy rental price, and do a comparison on who's better. I have a feeling it will be the Vizio! I use my tablet for everything, and love it!

  • Susan Lee
    Susan Lee

    I would use the tablet to teach my kids how to read.

  • Lynn Wood
    Lynn Wood

    To win this tablet would be awesome seeing as it is I never win anything. I would use this tablet for my appts for my daughter and also for my college course work. I am a stay at home mom and full time student going into the RN program and this tablet would be ideal for me to carry around. It would be a lot easier to carry around than my laptop I currently have.

  • jehan21

    Hi, i would use the tablet to keep myself updated in all forms of social media, the news, and with my emails.thanks for giving us chance to win this kind of gadgets..hope to win:)from the Philippines..

  • Courtney L. Dearman
    Courtney L. Dearman

    I've wanted a tablet for a long time and didn't even know you made one. I love your products, I have at least ten already from TVs to BluRay players. I trust in your products and it'd be great to win one, I have 2 more years in college so I could tackle my school work on the go all the time. I would use the internet, media and watch movies or play games. I probably wouldn't ever put it down, actually.

  • Pam Goldman
    Pam Goldman

    I've been sick and in and out of the hospital for a while now, I would use the tablet to be able to stay in contact with people on fb, to take care of business, emails, etc.. to listen to music, watch movies (the television in the hospital only has a few channels and they're awful, play games, and generally entertain myself.

  • Mary Allison Burak
    Mary Allison Burak

    I would give the tablet to my mother in law as a gift for being so wonderful to me and my son and welcoming us in to the family with such love and respect.

  • Emely de los Santos
    Emely de los Santos

    I would do all of my work on it and listen to music,read a book and to keep up with all my FB activities & friends...

  • Connie Hamilton
    Connie Hamilton

    Video chat with my grand children.

  • Haydee Hernandez
    Haydee Hernandez

    I have 3 boys and this will definitely keep them busy on those long road trips, because believe me.....its not easy driving with 3 little chatterboxes in the back seat. Followed on Twitter @HaydeeHappyFeet, Liked on Facebook

  • Megan Casey
    Megan Casey

    ID USE IT FOR EVERYTHING. I'm a nanny so itd help me plan my stuff and be more organized since my phones memory isnt good enough, i always lose planners and laptops are just too heavy to lug around. I would also use it to download the Kardashian app. And to stay up to date with all three of the Kardashian girls blogs , id use it for fun, online shopping and to keep up to date on celeb buzz!!

  • Monique Jackson
    Monique Jackson a blogger and writing keep in touch w/ friends and family via Facebook/Twitter

  • Raul Gon
    Raul Gon

    I love music. i am a dancer and i teach hip hop at a dance studio in Denver. this would help me out a lot. It would be great to carry around because its small and i would have all my music in one place. I would use the camera to record my classes. It is a fun too that would make things easier for me media wise.

  • Kat Gallardo
    Kat Gallardo

    They say that "an idle mind is the devil's playground"....but if I have the Vizio mind would be occupied with vizio apps which will keep me happy and busy. :)

  • Lexi Restrepo
    Lexi Restrepo

    I would use it for school work on the would make my life a lot easier...

  • Kaniya Knight
    Kaniya Knight

    i have twins no time and no organization you tell me :)

  • Ann Lourenco
    Ann Lourenco

    I would use this tablet to keep up with all my FB activities & friends

  • Julianna Duncan
    Julianna Duncan

    I would use this tablet to connect to my business computer while on the go, so I would never be out of reach!

  • Jennifer Causby
    Jennifer Causby

    I would use this tablet for work on the go! I would be super efficient! I like you on Facebook and Follow on twitter @JCausby! jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    As a student, this tablet would be so convenient for doing school work, since it's much lighter than a laptop. It would also allow me to stay connected in terms of social networking and the news, regardless of where I was, and would let me stay caught up on all of my favourite shows.

  • Mandi Gellis
    Mandi Gellis

    I would use the tablet to keep myself updated in all forms of social media, the news, and with my emails.

  • Ade Widiastiti
    Ade Widiastiti

    I'm the speech conceptor for The Mayor where I live. This tablet will be very useful for my work to keep updated and make the concept so much better!..

  • jgiesler1

    I would give the tablet to my husband for Christmas. He's deploying in April and this would be a perfect gift for us. We could video chat and he could use this to meet his baby girl since he will be missing the birth of our first child!

  • Mark Francis
    Mark Francis

    I would treat this tablet as my newest BEST FRIEND! For sure, it could help me in many ways, whether social networking or even in personal happiness! AND MOST ESPECIALLY, THIS TABLET WOULD QUENCH MY THIRST FOR NEW GADGETS! :))

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I would use the tablet for school work. I'm a grad student and lugging around my old heavy lap top sucks! And takes a toll on my back.

  • Pattie Panetta
    Pattie Panetta

    Thia would be perfect for the gym. I could listen to music and read a book without having to take multiple devices. I could also use it for work to check email while out on appointments without having to power up my laptop.

  • Elisa Munoz
    Elisa Munoz

    I'm in school so I would use it to do my homework, organize my holiday card list, use facebook and twitter as well as book appointments and dates.

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    He would use it to play games and facebook while away

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    I would give it to my husband for all the flights he goes on and for when he is on the oil rigs for along period of time as they dont have television so this would be a awesome tablet for my hubby to have and would make his days seem abit faster:)

  • Domcsi Takácsová
    Domcsi Takácsová

    I would like to use my tablet for playing tennis haha :D

  • jesspynk

    The whole family would love to use this tablet, but I think my 5 year old son would like it the most. He is still working on getting good control of the mouse pad on the laptop.

  • Sophia

    I would use the tablet for everything while on the go. Work, movies, reading, you name it! Thanks!

  • Michelle Giorgi
    Michelle Giorgi

    I would use the tablet to help me with my starting business. I've been obsessed with fashion since I was a little girl and I finally decided to start doing something that I'm passionate about. There is so much work to start a company, and the costs keep adding on, but a tablet would allow me to keep my finances together at all times, link me to my home pc, research fabrics, compare prices, and the biggest help would be to immediately be able to sketch what I see in my mind and the ability to email that immediately! I got so excited just thinking about all of this!

  • Erica Best
    Erica Best

    facebook and twitter and for games

  • ilovekardashians44

    I just want to say thank you Celebuzz for being so sweet and generous as to have this giveaway and of course all of the others, as well! All of us Celebuzz readers and members truly appreciate it! I would use the tablet to go online (Twitter, Celebuzz, etc.), to watch my favorite movies, play games, and to keep organized. I could use this tablet for so many purposes! P.S. I have already liked you on Facebook & already follow you on Twitter. Good luck everyone!

  • ambermiller86

    I would use it to get onto celebuzz of course! lol :D I'd actually let my husband use it too, and also put some apps on it for my 18 month old to use!!!

  • tina41

    i would use it for facebook, twitter, and to keep up with the celebrity news on celebuzz!!!! :D

  • juliannex18

    I'm going to be traveling a lot and so I would use it for when I'm on the go and for school!

  • Blacindirican Barbie
    Blacindirican Barbie

    I would use the tablet for my schedule for school and appointments.Other uses would be to Email,watch movies , for Facebook updates and to check out new updates from you guys of course.Plus it can give me internet access on the go being a college student I could do research for classes on it at Panera Bread or Starbucks which would be great.All I know if i were to win it would be glued to me more than my cellphone due to the better features and more productivity/work I can get accomplished with it.

  • Jovel Campbell
    Jovel Campbell

    i dont have a television so i would use it for my daily entertainment and company because the electricity comes and goes alot where i live .

  • danielleakame

    i would use the tablet for helping out my patients. i work with children with disabilities and there are so many applications that help them out. and help them communicate with me when they cant do it themselves! this would be a great help :o)

  • linds82

    I would use my tablet strictly for business, as I'm always working from my computer 8-10 hour days, and at times 7 days a week. What an incredible opportunity!

  • ecaterina29

    i have two little ones and i'm in the process of teaching them some educational games and i would love to win this and let them be able to play whenever and whereever

  • rebeldegurl1991

    i would use it to watch movies!!!!!!!

  • emorgan223

    This would be great as a gift for my boyfriend! His graduation and birthday are on the same day so its perfect!

  • Sharareh D. Drury
    Sharareh D. Drury

    I'd love to win this tablet because I'm a recent college grad who majored in journalism. I'm broke every month after paying school loans, car loans, apartment rent, etc. I see the tablet as a great tool for me because I'm always on the go reporting and working - I just can't afford one myself. I'd also let my boyfriend use it as a great studying tool for med school!

  • Carmen

    My husband loves tablets and is in love with the one he has right now but is a little hogger and has it all the time, so I definitely would love to have one of my own. Especially so I can fill it up with the music I want and apps I want. My niece also loves playing with the tablet so I would definitely allow her to play with it as well because she loves to draw on it and play games.

  • Bill Cooke
    Bill Cooke

    I would use this to have my music with me and connect to social sights when on the road which I am alot

  • candace disher
    candace disher

    I would use the tablet to be more productive and organized with my everyday life. I do a lot of traveling and will have everything at the palm of my hand,and of course stay updated with celebuzz

  • jennyjazz

    I would use the Tablet for everything that it could do! It would be perfect for work and play since it is so portable. Looks like a great gadget!

  • egood33

    I would love to use the tablet to update my blog!

  • Yoli Flores
    Yoli Flores

    You just don't know how thrilled I would be to win this pad -- my laptop recently broke and this weekend my dog had emergency surgery and therefore I was not able to do any Black Friday shopping to replace it -- so I would truly love to win this pad so that I may resume staying in touch with Facebook friends and keep up with the latest when I'm home.

  • Kathy Mazur
    Kathy Mazur

    Currently I am on disability as an EMT due to an injury on the job. With so much time on my hands, it would give me an opportunity to catch up on reading my books. HOWEVER, I also have a cornea disease which has effected my ability to focus and read small print. The tablet would give me the chance to be able to read the novels I have enjoyed doing so in the past. Whoever is chosen for this wonderful giveaway... Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!!

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    I would use the tablet to browse the internet and stream netflix!

  • memommon

    I would love to have one to take with me when I am out instead of a laptop!

  • sameve

    I would use it for social media and staying up to date on the go!

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Being that i am a stay at home mommy on the go, this would be amazing for me. I'd use it for all my personal appts, notes...etc. I'd download apps that would keep me or the little ones entertained at the doctors office or a long ride home or even the grocery store. Then at night when the boys are all tucked in bed I would take a bath and listen to some music on it, right after my bath maybe read a book or just sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of my tablet. Why not? All moms deserve a little gadget of her own to have fun with...Right? :)

  • Amaka Akuonu
    Amaka Akuonu

    i would tweet most of the time, get some nice apps and just have fun!!:)

  • Nequan Spruill
    Nequan Spruill

    I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 little girls. I would use the tablet to store the thousands of pictures I take each day. I would also use it to get lesson plans for my oldest daughter.

  • Pat Lamb
    Pat Lamb

    I would use it for Facebook, Twitter and other daily activities.

  • Kristin Schumbacker Gilbert
    Kristin Schumbacker Gilbert

    I would play lots of games on the tablet if it were to be mine.

  • Sofia Tate
    Sofia Tate

    I would do all of my work on it and will let my kids play games on it as well.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    I fly quite a bit and would use this to listen to music or watch movies on the plane. My laptop only has a 2 hour battery, and I heard these have great battery life!