Happy Birthday, ‘True Blood’ Hottie Ryan Kwanten! (PHOTOS)

Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
He got our attention as the lovable ladies man Jason Stackhouse in True Blood, and today, Nov. 28, Ryan Kwanten turns 35. 

The actor is on the up and up, starring on a hit HBO series and playing a superhero this year in Griff the Invisible. Not to mention that, according to his IMDB, he has six movies coming out!

In honor of Ryan’s big birthday, click through the Celebuzz galleries to get a glimpse of his sexiest looks! 

Celebuzz caught up with Ryan over the summer, and when asked about what he does in his free time, spoke candidly, saying: 

“To be honest, I love working so much. I love this business, so even when I am not working I am very focused on my career. I am not a prude so I do have friends and go out but it’s still a very private life. I try and let the drama be on screen.”

As for those shirtless scenes that we’ve come to know and love on True Blood, Ryan is okay with those too! “[Laughing] Well I can’t speak for them! But you are in the hands of an Academy Award-winner [screenwriter Alan Ball], so that level of protection is like a security blanket,” he admitted. “If you are comfortable in your own skin you still feel like you are doing it for the right reason, so it doesn’t bother me.”