Mariah Yeater’s Ex Claims He’s the Baby’s Daddy, Not Justin Bieber

The baby momma drama continues with Mariah Yeater’s ex-boyfriend claiming that he is in fact the father of her child, not Justin Bieber of which she claimed in a paternity suit. 

According to a TMZ source, Robbie Powell is speaking out against the allegations that the 17-year-old “Baby” singer is the biological father of Mariah’s child. Instead, the source says Robbie is the dad, and he’s tired of Mariah using their son for media attention. 

TMZ reports that Mariah has admitted to Robbie that Justin is not the father, and that she’s only going through with this for the cash. The website reached out to Mariah’s lawyers about the  claims, but have not heard back. 

Though we’ve asked this before, given this newfound information, who do you believe? Sound off in the comments!