Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem Take Hand in Hand Stroll Around Sydney (PHOTOS)

Looks like these two are still going strong!

Nick Jonas and his girlfriend of about 8 months, Delta Goodrem, were seen strolling around her hometown of Sydney, Australia on Monday, and the two were looking as happy as ever.

It looks like Nick, 18, will have to make a few more trips down under in the coming months!

Delta, 26, just signed on to be a judge on Australia's version of the popular singing competition, The Voice!

Other judges include Good Charlotte's Joel Madden as well as country singer (and Aussie native) Keith Urban. Congrats to her!

Take a look at the rest of the photos of the happy couple in the gallery!


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  • Natasha

    Ok, heres my oppionon, On the supportive side, Nick IS an old soul and I guess it makes sense that he would date someone older since he was born 30 years old and gets more middle aged each year. and I guess since they haven't broken up yet.. i dunno. On the realistic side, I hate to say it but she's probably just using him because she's some no name who feels old and is using nick to further her popularity and t make herself feel young. but thats just a theory.

  • Drew

    can you go kill yourself?

  • nik

    Talk about a couger in the making, seriously 18 and 26? He's still a baby, barely legal one at that and she could do much better....

  • Kelly

    Lol PAN is right! also look how she towers over him in those heels! YOU GO DELTA!

  • Joanna

    We can't help the fact that we didn't/don't know about her like you did/do. Stop scrutinizing Americans for not knowing about other celebrities from different continents or countries. Besides, my comment is a matter of expressing an opinion. I posted no hate in my comment. Don't get angry just because not everybody shares your opinion. That's life: DEAL WITH IT!

  • Joanna

    I am still not a fan of Delta (mostly because I didn't know who she was until she started dating Nick, and honestly I'm still not a fan, even after listening to her music; it's not my cup of tea), but it's not because of the age gap. I wish Nelta stans would get that through their thick little heads: not everybody hates Nelta because of the age gap. People have different reasons for not supporting the relationship. Another reason why I don't support or "ship" the relationship is because it's not mine...why would I be obsessed with a relationship that doesn't include me? Why should I spend my time worrying about someone else's happiness when I should focus on my own, first? I've never understood the concept of "fan-girling" over someone else's supposed personal life. What benefit do you get from doing that? It's not like the celebrities are going to come knocking at your door and personally thanking you for the support. They pay as much attention to the love as they do the hate. Nick's too busy being in his own love land to care what ANYBODY says.

  • Bryn

    Nick & Miley still have so much in common. It seems like because they did so much at such a young age, they're burnt out. Both are clinging to their boy/girl friend, kind of hiding except for papp pics, not twittering, look stressed in fan pics, and not making music anymore for themselves. And involved in projects barely anyone will hear or see. The fans are moving on. Ignore them and they will go away.

  • Nourhan AbdElaziz
    Nourhan AbdElaziz

    a handsome young man

  • pepita

    i'm not American, i never wanna know her and i dislike her A LOT :)

  • Kathy Tabbert Campbell
    Kathy Tabbert Campbell

    it looks like she has toilet paper stuck the back of her skirt.Sorry trying to love the shirt but cant. Both look very happy though

  • kyliesimmons87

    the hand that rocks the cradle haha cough cough delta

  • Evelyn

    I’m glad to see Delta Goodrem happy again and in a new relationship with Nick Jonas even though he is 8 years younger than her. I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days. So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.

  • Cath

    Oh, Delta. Somewhere, Brian Mcfadden is laughing.

  • madison

    last long ur out of ur mind girl i mean look at them they are never gonna break up we are waiting here and they are still together

  • sara

    They're so cute! Look how Nick is happy. I hope they'll last long :)

  • mia

    Amazing couple! They're both very talented and beautiful. Every celebs couple is papped and most of them are papped more than Nick and Delta so stop say it's pr cuz you look ridiculous. If the age gap isn't a problem for them why is it for you?

  • Annie

    Hope Nick's happy and all. But as couples go, this is cringy to look at. I'm sure they're fond of each other, but the age difference is disturbing when you see them side by side. Please give us some beautiful Rob & Kristen or Liam & Miley pics.

  • PAN

    So funny how Delta's been in Australia for weeks and the papps could barely find her. And now Nick slips into the country quietly, goes to a store in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden,,PAPPS! Someone's quite manipulative. Doubt it's the little 19 year old.

  • Victoria

    Nick is 19...

  • Katie

    I love that all you Americans are posting hate comment about Delta when you know nothing about her! She is so sweet and lovely. I was lucky to meet her and she was the sweetest thing ever! Stop judging her, you don't know her!

  • alexa

    woah she looks so much more mature than him.

  • Elle

    they DON'T look good together.. she obviously looks SO old for him...

  • pepita

    LOL i'm the only one commenting... okay i'm #ForeverAlone Let's be real Nick is not a v!rgen anymore... i mean c'mom, do you think that he traveled all the way to Australia just to kiss her girlfriend??? Of course his gonna fuck that old vag!na... again.

  • pepita

    Now i see why she's all smiles... Tell me what's on Nick's left hand??? and who are the people that are taking the photos??? Exactly.

  • Lauren

    I have 3 words for Delta: REALLY NICE GIRL

  • pepita

    he looks smoking hot

  • pepita

    Where da f*ck is my last comment?? i can't see it! oh well... 3 WORDS for Delta: C0UGAR FAME WH0RE