Readers Respond: Was Miley Cyrus Only 'Joking' About Smoking Pot?

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Kelly Defends Miley!
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Osbourne says Cyrus doesn't use marijuana. Read More »

Fans and concerned parents were enraged when a video of Miley Cyrus allegedly admitting to smoking marijuana surfaced over the weekend. Miley, who was currently celebrating her 19th birthday, was caught talking about being a "stoner" and "smok[ing] way too much f--king weed" when she was presented with a Bob Marley cake. 

On Sunday, pal and fellow party guest Kelly Osbourne took it to Twitter to clear Miley's name. The TV show host tweeted:

the cake was also A JOKE! it makes me sick that @MileyCyrus so called ‘friends’ would sell her out and lead people 2 believe she is someone that she is not!
Was Miley really joking? Here's what our readers had to say:

James said: "I don’t think she was joking."

Anne said: "So, is Miley a liar or just really not funny?"

Amanda wrote on our Facebook: "Frankly Kelly Osbourne, your opinion means F--K to me!"

Jeralin told us: "Like Kelly Osbourne is a justifiable back up....?...!!! NOT!"

However, some of you were quick to side with Kelly's claim as well.

Maricelle said: "No! It was a joke, don't make more than what it was...a joke!"

Laquita said: "Watching the video, it was obviously a joke & if you were really listening then you would have known that."

Christine wrote: "It was a joke!! Hahahah love u Mileyyyy!"

Whether Miley was joking or not, her comment certainly caused an uproar on the internet. While celebrating her 18th birthday last year, the starlet was filmed smoking salvia out of a bong. Although salvia is legal, the incident nonetheless caused a backlash from the public. 

Was it all just a joke gone out of hand? We still want to here from you!

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  • cookie

    uhm who cares?! i kno TONS of ppl in my school that smoke pot..oh well. thats life.

  • CraZzzy Pixie Lady
    CraZzzy Pixie Lady

    OMG @@ ... did U fucking see her face latley !?!!? weed will change her face like amy winehouse & lindsay SO SAD :\ .... do you people still think smoking weed is okay 'n cool ? ... ( those who have brain are in peace ) ;)

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    When are people going to learn that being a druggie ISN'T cool!?Have they not learned anything from all of the famous people that have died from OD's or the current ones in and out of jail.WTF?

  • TS

    It's pretty obvious that she's not high in the video if you've seen it. Plus she's obviously joking in her dry sarcastic way that we've seen in interviews and stuff. Even if she does smoke pot, this video is not proof of that at all. It just looks like she's being sarcastic about a Bob Marley cake. Who cares if she smokes pot or not? Tons of people do it in college and Miley is college age right now. The gossip media pretty much has it out for Miley since last year.

  • Brooks Elliott
    Brooks Elliott

    Very true Bean, Heck I smoked pot when I was a teenager too, and I am perfectly normal today, and Miley will be too. she should be allowed to have fun

  • Brooks Elliott
    Brooks Elliott

    I agree ernie, there are definitely worst things she could be doing

  • Brooks

    It's kind of her signiture thing. she's always flashed the peace sign

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    She totally smokes pot. You think the first video and the second video are both just coincidences?! Come on people. Use your COMMON SENSE and put the pieces together!!! With that said, Who gives a shit?!

  • Carmen

    It is soooo obvious that it was a joooke!! It was her birthday for god's sake!! All there were her friends and family! When I'm with my family, I'm making jokes about all kind of stuff!! its part of my personality. I love sarcasm and ironic.. and I knoow that Miley often uses that too! I mean comeee ooon! They made her a Bob Marley cake! hahahaa I would have said the same if I'd be here... btw.. a lot of you're going to say "yeah you think that because you're her fan!" but its not that! Im saying those things because Im human. Im a human being like you and LIKE HER! only because she's famous doesn't mean she can't be herself, she can't make jokes ... I really dont understand you people... sometimes I really doubt you people's mind.. xoxo from Austria

  • Susanna

    Dont know, dont care, her life, her choice!! :)

  • sam

    It's really obvios she was joking anyone who can't see that don't know she like to used sarcasm and joke around a lot. the people thinking she was serious are a bunch of idiots is pretty obvios she joking around with her friends.

  • Bo

    Hahahaha i actually do think she's pretty funny.. i have so much respect for how she just does whatever she wants to do what "normal" people of her age do without being judged & not let "being in the public eye" holding her back from being real & honest. I love people with a little self spot every now and than & she's just not afraid to do so.. even when she knows to that short sighted people from all over the world would probably judge & talk shit about her. Honestly.. come on this is the real world, nobody's perfect & you shouldn't expect her to be so either.. it's not realistic & in the first place, not fair. Even when she's not kidding.. i like to smoke pot every once in a while, i'm in college & doing pretty well, i'm not addicted nor do i look a junk, i'm just living my life & have a little fun.. no one judges me, so why would you judge Miley? Because she's a role model? She's growing with her fans so they are on the same age as her, so probably old enough to make decisions for their own good.. if not, this world is to tough & full of worser influences for you, so good luck in the big mean world.

  • Bean

    honestly it doesnt really matter to me at all either way she is a human being who has to grow and learn just like the rest of us experience things learn lessons make bad decisions ect... seems people get so caught up in others lives they forget that no one and nothing is perfect but that doesnt mean we are bad people

  • Kevin

    Whats with the peace sign?

  • pak31

    Is this what we have come to now? Anything said by a celebrity is taken for face value, then analyzed to death in the gossip pages until we can't stand hearing about it anymore. So she made a joke, whether true or not, it's not like she admitted to a murder or something. Leave it be is what I say.

  • Blak Guy
    Blak Guy

    She's high in the picture above

  • Blak Guy
    Blak Guy

    You have to be joking! This is her second drug question caught on cam. Is it a doubt because she an All American country/pop white girl. Of course she smokes weed. She and the infamous Drug Addict Kelly Osborn was high on the video.

  • ernie

    A teen smoking pot. How scandalous to begin with.