Makeup Free & Candid: Rihanna’s Home Video as Narrated by Jay-Z

Rihanna's Wildest Outfits
Ri-Ri is a pro when it comes to provocative.
It’s Rihanna as you rarely see her, makeup free and casual. The “S&M” star sits down with her family in Barbados for an up close and personal look into the singer’s family life. 

The home video is narrated by Jay-Z, the man partly responsible for Rihanna’s success. The pop star came out with her sixth studio album Talk That Talk this past week, and it’s already a chart topper!

Rihanna got in a little trouble when she went topless for her “We Found Love” video, after the farmer in Ireland deemed it in appropriate and asked her to leave. However, she’s still into the Irish! RiRi tweeted on Saturday: 

“Shooting another vid in Ireland today! No farm this time :( … Im shooting another #ARMANI campaign Spring/Summer!”

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