Tension and Naked Yoga Aplenty on ‘KKTNY’ Premiere (VIDEO)

Kim Through the Years
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Kourtney & Scott Take NY
Kourtney & Scott Disick stop by the Dream Hotel.
Bikini Kourtney
Kourt shows off her awesome post-baby bod!
After a long holiday weekend of turkey, animalistic shopping and relaxation, what better way to top off your weekend than with the season premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York — and this season opener had no shortage of drama, tension … and naked yoga teachers.

Yes, the Kardashian sisters are back, and Kim and Kourtney shacking up together in a joint suite — which right off the get-go was cause for concern. Kourtney’s new holistic and organic beliefs have everyone on a kale chip boycott, while there’s a definite distance between Scott and Kourtney these days. All this on top of Kim’s new marriage to Kris Humphries and not being able to adjust to his messy ways, and well, there will be blowouts for sure.

And one naked man in the living room …

Yes, Kourt’s newfound focus on well-being and yoga led to a naked “Rasta” (Kris Humphries’ words) in their living room, which set off a fight between Kim and Kris. That compiled on top of New York’s other distractions caused Kris to leave to go train in Minnesota at the episode’s end, leaving the rest of the season with a big question mark.

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