Beyonce Shows Off Baby Bump in Behind the Scenes Clip From ‘Countdown’ (VIDEO)

Having to hide your baby bump is never an easy thing to do. Just ask superstar Beyonce, who had to do just that in the video for her catchy single ‘Countdown.’

In this newly released clip, filmed in September, Beyonce jokes around in front of the camera after seeing that her baby bump made the cover of The New York Daily News. “Right now I’m actually shooting the video [for] ‘Countdown,’ and I’m six months pregnant pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits!” She quips.

She goes on to show off her growing bump with a couple of playful rubs. Oh baby, indeed!

The clip hit the Internet on the same day that Beyonce’s new concert DVD, Live at Roseland: Elements of 4, goes on sale. Check it out now.