Doggie Duel: Does Hugh or Kristin Have the Cuter Pooch? (PHOTOS)

Hot Guys With Dogs!
These hotties love their furry best friends.
With two celebrity dogs both out with their more-than-attractive owners on this fine Tuesday morning, it feels like time for some good old internet canine democracy.

Hugh Jackman took his adorable French bulldog Peaches out for a stroll in New York City on Monday afternoon, and while Celebuzz has already professed our love for lil Peaches in the past, another celeb took a waltz with her pooch on the opposite coast. Kristin Cavallari, fresh off of her Dancing With the Stars stint that was abruptly cut short, was out and about with her little dog Bardot in Hollywood.

So, now the true question is: Which dog do you think is cuter? Take a look in our gallery and make your decision!