Heidi Klum Works the Red (and Cleavage) at Perfume Launch (PHOTOS)

With Christmas right around the corner, it should be no surprise that red is the color of choice. 

Supermodel Heidi Klum seems to have gotten the memo. The Project Runway host launched her new fragrance Shine on Tuesday, Nov. 29 in Toronto, Canada at the Eaton Centre while donning a red pantsuit (plunging neckline included) paired with red lipstick.

Stunning as always, the model made sure she greeted the hundreds of fans that patiently waited, and she took to her Twitter to share some pics along with a caption that read:

"Meeting my fans and signing Shine perfume bottles in Toronto."
The fashionista told ET Canada earlier this year that hubby Seal is the one that helped her chose the campaign ad photos.
“I’m like, ‘Babe, what do you think?’ And then he looks at all the photos and then he’s like, ‘I like that one’ and usually I go with what he likes.”
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  • ellei

    just another one ...shes flat ,so who cares ....this woman loves money and yes she is the boss ,the boss...and a breeder ....her husband is the mom and dad (woman of the home) nothing wrong with that at all but shes out there and i myself dont think she is what the big hype is about ....ahchew!!!

  • marie

    What cleavage????? She's as flat as a board also she isn't beautiful enough to wear such an extreme hair style. It looks awful pulled back like that.

  • Kit

    Heh. If she were Hillary Clinton her "work husband" as Seal refers to him (aka Tim Gunn) would be ripping her a new one. But, since she's not, and he's now become an Executive Producer of PR i'm sure his critique would be all hearts and flowers and shite. He's lost a lot of credibility with his recent obvy B.S. comments regarding seas. 9. I hate PR now, not only for becoming such a sucky show where people who don't even have to know how to sew a sleeve but show up at the audition having their own pr rep will win, but also for ruining our beloved "truth teller" T. Gunn.