Shirtless Joe Jonas Rocks Serious Mustache While Beaching in Mexico (PHOTOS)

That's quite the 'stache you've got there Joe Jonas!

The 22-year-old singer was seen enjoying himself while vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico, and it looks like he ditched both his shirt and his razor!

We have a feeling we know why JJ decided to try out this new look.

During the whole month of November, guys all over the world have been growing out mustaches for Movember, which helps raise awareness for prostate cancer. While we're only guessing at this point, we wouldn't be surprised if that's why!

Check out some other 'stached celebs below!

Do you like Joe's new look? Should he keep it? Sound off in the comments!


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  • Gil Marcellino
    Gil Marcellino

    looks like an authentic xicano !!!

  • Jeremiah Donohue
    Jeremiah Donohue

    That doesn't even come CLOSE to the Weiner porn-stache!!

  • rebecca

    so sweet! he loves the dogs

  • ImJoe'sB!tch

    That's one Sexy Mexican Police Officer I'm guilty. Now handcuff me to your bed

  • Amelia

    JOE IS A GREEK GOD! and he's still SINGLE BITCHES!!!!

  • pepita

    Hello Joe Hotnas

  • ImJoe'sB!tch

    I wanna f*ck that sexy motherf*cker


    Joe has a sexy mustache. he looks so hot as always! and YES, Joe's growing out his mustache for MOVEMBER. he's a wonderful person

  • ugh

    is it me or does anyone else thinks he looks a little tom selleck-ish.