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Friends With Benefits
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Justin on 'FWB'
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Let's face it, we all have celebrity crushes (especially here at the Celebuzz office) -- that's why we're curious to see who will our readers pick if they were given the chance to have a famous friend with benefits!

This summer, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake showed us the ups and downs of a casual relationship between pals in their film, Friends With Benefits. Their roller coaster relationship got us scratching our heads and now we're dying to know what our fans think of the situation. Which celeb would you have as your friend with benefits? 

Check out the Mila and Justin's helpful tips on staying strictly physical in the video above, then let us know in the poll!

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Friends With Benefits hits DVD and Blu-Ray on December 2.

Don't forget to tell us your celeb FWB in the poll above!



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  • psylocke

    Mila. I'm not a lesbian, but she is my girl crush and my two male FWBs aren't on the list....Ian Somerhalder and Eric Mabius. ;)

  • pamlin

    Ry Gosling!