Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2011: Kardashians, Katy Perry & More (PHOTOS)

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Every year legendary journalist Barbara Walters compiles a list of the world's most fascinating people, and as 2011 slowly comes to a close, the (almost) full list has been revealed!

From some usual suspects, such as the Kardashians who keep the world fascinated with their many business ventures and numerous reality shows, to some newbies like Pippa Middleton, who the world fell in love with during April's royal wedding, we've broken down the entire list for you!

So, who else made the cut?

Take a look through the gallery to find out!

Also, find out who Barbara declares the most fascinating person of 2011 and check out Walters' Most Fascinating People special when it airs on ABC  December 14 at 9:30 PM EST.

Who do YOU think it will be? (We're putting our money on Ryan Gosling!) Share any theories in the comments!



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  • Nishat

    Those people aren't interesting at all. Come on, give me a break! These people, like Steve Jobs and George Clooney, would be much better picks:

  • Laarni

    Kardashians??? most fascinating in 2011? Really? Daniel Craig described them best. They are "f***ing idiots". I think my admiration for Barbara Walters just went down a notch. I never read anything about these trash. I skipped any article that has to do with them.

  • canabera

    All the news in 2012 - major social upheavals and revolutions;political and economic crises in the US, Europe and elsewhere;emergence of potentially major new social movements in Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. And the twit chooses The Kardashians? I wonder if perhaps Bab Wawa doesn't have early onset Alzheimers.

  • psylocke

    Mila Kunis!

  • lexi

    Katy Perry, really? How is she fascinating, she's just like all the other pop stars. Nothing really fascinating about her.


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