Celebrity Stylist Weighs In on Form-Fitting Maternity Styles Hitting Hollywood

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Pregnant B bares her tummy
Jess Shows Off Bump
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Celebs who worked a red carpet while expecting.
Celebs like Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé Knowles, and Hilary Duff have  been showing off their extra curvy baby bumps in VERY form-fitting clothing, so that got us thinking … what does an expert stylist have to say about the world of maternity wear? We sat down exclusively with stylist, Art Conn, to get his opinion on celebrity moms-to-be.

What do you think of the tight clothing popping up on pregnant celebs? Play fashion critic in the comments and see what Art had to say about the trend below!

Q: Is it possible to find trendy maternity clothes?

A: “The market for maternity clothes has come a long way. There is fashionable, sexy, comfortable clothing. Also, a lot of denim companies do jeans! Old school jeans had that big, black, stretchy panel in the front, whereas now they make these jeans you would never know in a million years they were maternity. It’s kind of wild.”

Q: Why do celebrities want to wear such form-fitting outfits?

A: “These are women who are scrutinized every day of their lives for being too fat or too skinny. This is the one moment in their lives where they are like, ‘I don’t care if a paparazzi gets an unflattering angle. No one’s going to care if I look big or bad. I’m pregnant and it’s a beautiful weight.’”

Q: That must be a nice change of pace for them!

A: “Absolutely. It’s a normal time in their lives. They do not have to get glitzed out and wear designers and worry about how much things cost. It’s a time for them to kind of be like ‘I want to feel sexy and I want to be pretty but I also want to be comfortable. The pressure is off for once in their lives but they also know once that baby comes out, the pressure is on to be back to their pre-pregnancy weight.”

Q: Is it harder for pregnant celebs to find high fashion, designer clothing for red carpet events?

A: “A lot of designers are doing a division of their company as a maternity line, but for more A-list celebs, they can have things made for them. And that’s what stylists are for. We take clothes that wouldn’t normally fit and make them work with a seamstress and tailor.”

Q: What are the most flattering styles for pregnant women?

A: “A-line or empire waist. Empire waist works really well because it flows out over your belly and it’s still a very stylish and trendy cut. You can find them on the racks at any store, so you don’t have to feel like, ‘Oh god. Now I have to go to the maternity ward.’ You don’t necessarily have to minimize because it’s not something to be embarrassed about. People will actually talk about your curvy belly! Like ‘How cute!’ as opposed to ‘What is she doing?!’ You want to buy stuff that is current and trendy while celebrating what a magical time it is in your life.”

Q: Can people wear regular, non-maternity clothes while pregnant?

A: “A lot of people are holding on to their last vestiges of style. They don’t want to go into total mom-mode. They want to still be hip and fashionable so they hold out till the last minute. To make the switch, go into a maternity store. The sales people there know what will look good on you and how things fit, just like any store. Especially for first time moms, it is helpful to have someone walk you through the process.”