‘Jersey Shore’ Rap Song Showdown: The Situation vs. Vinny (VIDEOS)

The Situation's Abs!
The best of the Situation's, er, situation.
Vinny Gets 'Pumped'
'Jersey' guy gets cute with kids in home video.
Look out Real Housewives! The men of the Jersey Shore are jumping on the reality show recording artist band wagon. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino came out with a rap song a while ago, but his fellow cast mate Vinny Guadagnino also just released some rhymes. 

The track is titled “Vinny Rack City Mix,” while Sitch’s song was self-titled “The Situation.” Give both tracks a listen and cast your vote in the poll to let us know who has the better skills when it comes to the rap game. Also, play music critic in the comments!

We could include Sitch’s lyrics to his rap song but they’re basically “the situation” repeated. 

Vinny’s track does have more words but they’re pretty vulger. Listen at your own risk!