Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Jessica Lowndes a Question!

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Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite celebrities a question? Well, now's your chance!

From now until Sunday, Celebuzz will be taking your questions for singer-actress Jessica Lowndes. The beautiful 23-year-old is, of course, best known for playing Adrianna Tate-Duncan on The CW's 90210 reboot. She's also had roles other popular TV series, including Greek and Kyle XY. Oh, and did we mention she's an awesome singer?

If you have question for Jessica, submit it in the comments section below by this Sunday, December 4, at 10PM ET. (Be sure to include your name and location when submitting.) "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook and then be on the lookout for our Celebrity Mailbag with Jessica to see if your question got answered!

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  • Char

    Hey Jessica, ru coming 2 Toronto soon?

  • Damion Kumar
    Damion Kumar

    What do you miss most about your hometown the awesome Vancity, Surrey that you and I both used to live at? :D

  • Estelle

    Bonjours, Je suis Française.Si tu devais changer une chose dans le monde entier, se serais quoi ? Hello, I'm French.Si you had to change one thing in the world would be what?

  • Ola

    You should ask "Do you know any words in polish language?" :) For example: proszę, cześć, dziękuję itd. :D

  • Dasha Larina
    Dasha Larina

    i can))) Lol

  • Carly Wu
    Carly Wu

    Would you prefer to be a singer or an actress? Or are you interested in both? Why? Carly from Hong Kong :-)

  • Chris Burgess
    Chris Burgess

    Are you a hockey fan? I have an extra ticket for the workd juniors if your interested

  • Dawan Ameer Johnson
    Dawan Ameer Johnson

    Hi Jessica and when you going to perform your music show in Los Angeles?

  • Frank

    I'm from California. Your body is amazing. How often do you workout? Do you take a multi and lift heavy?

  • Brian

    Brian from SoCal. Hello heavenly blessed beauty whose inner beauty and beauty is simply divine and everlasting. Two questions. 1. Would you ever go out with an Asian/Asian-American? 2. Will you have dinner with me?

  • mr.green

    hello jessica ! I would like to know if Silver and Adrianna to acquiesce in the series? if so which episode? I kiss and greet. I am your fan <3

  • Przemek

    You should know that we love 90210 in Poland (sorry for mistakes ;D)

  • Przemek

    Do you know where is Poland? :)

  • Ola

    I forgot.. I'm from Poland..

  • Michael

    On 90210 you get to film in a lot of cool places. Which location has been your favorite?

  • Michael

    When you started on 90210, did you ever think you would still be on the show 4 seasons later?

  • Michael

    What is the best and worst part about fame?

  • Michael

    What advice would you give to someone who is trying to achieve their dreams?

  • Michael

    Do you miss Adrianna and Navid together?

  • Michael

    What is your favorite ride at Disneyland? Will you ride the Tower of Terror with me?

  • Michael

    Any upcoming movies?

  • Michael

    What is your favorite fast food?

  • Michael

    Are you single?

  • Michael

    What was it like working with Joe Jonas?

  • Michael

    Do you have a release date for your album yet? If so, what is it?

  • Michael

    Are you planning a tour to promote your album?

  • Michael

    Do you write your own songs?

  • Michael

    Hi Jessica! Will you please say "Michael is the neonest penguin!" Thank you!

  • Yuval Ohayon
    Yuval Ohayon

    Jassica, how was it like to act Adriana in her rough time in "90210" with the drugs etc..? do you find something in common with her? we L-O-V-E you and we love the show in ISRAEL, so come and visit us!!! and bring the all cast!! Congratulations up coming new album, your new single is great, and you are beautiful!!

  • Joseph

    Hello Jessica! I'm your fan from Taiwan. You're so talented and gorgeous. Love you so much!! My question: When will you release your first album?

  • Silver

    U r so cute . i like u . i`m from K.S.A

  • jonathan

    can you ask jessica stroup to marry me

  • kuna

    Who's your favorite designer?

  • Gaurav

    Are you planning to do concerts? In india please?

  • Dasha Larina
    Dasha Larina

    Who you will stay with - girl (your friend) or man (your lover) if you will need to choose..? *muah Jess

  • Nousheen

    What's your clothing style? x

  • lu rs
    lu rs

    congratulations ... you deserve it ...!!! Your album is amazing!!! and your role on 90210 is incredible too!! what do you like more... singing or acting?

  • Amy

    Hello Jessica! I just want to say that you're the most beautiful celebrity ever, and i've been your number 1 fan since DAY 1! And my question is: What lesson did this experience of being famous teach you? and if you can go back in time would you change anything? Thank you so much!! Amar from Dubai

  • Eesha Bhargava
    Eesha Bhargava

    Have you and Tristan wilds ever considered recording a song together? Dixon+Aide!!

  • Lauren Cregar
    Lauren Cregar

    are you single?

  • Amanda

    Was losing your virginity an awkward experience?

  • Just Ann
    Just Ann

    What motivated yu to sing "I wish I was gay"?? nd pleaseeee tweet me back :) "samuel_ann" ..........also what your favorite thing about being a part of 90210.....nd because your so young...what are your future plans :P :)

  • Bader Al-Madani
    Bader Al-Madani

    Heeeey Jessica I Really Love U IN 90210!! And My Q Is: What's Ur Favorite Hobby?

  • Bader Al-Madani
  • Tintin

    Hi Jessica, is there a chance for you and Chace Crawford to hook up? or do you like him? you look cute together. my name is tin from the philippines

  • Abdulaziz Alammar
    Abdulaziz Alammar

    I’m from Saudi Arabia, and 90210 is my favorite show. My question is what do you like most about men ?

  • Abdulaziz Alammar
    Abdulaziz Alammar

    I'm from Saudi Arabia, and 90210 is my favorite show. My question is Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now? and What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

  • Ola

    Hi, I want to know when your album will be finished? And can you follow me on twitter? Please, please, please... If you write to me, I tell you how to find me. I love your voice so much!

  • DuhawmaVersion

    Do u have a boyfriend... :D omg

  • Kerry Martindale
    Kerry Martindale

    wow lots of questions! what is your favourite thing to do on a lazy day? x

  • Mily

    Some of us have been wanting Adrianna and Dixon scenes since early S1. What's it like finally getting to film actual scenes w/ Tristan this season?

  • Lei

    Can you follow me on twitter @LeilaMarieee && Who are you most alike in 90210?

  • A

    Would you want to come to Finland someday?

  • Colby

    Hey Jessica! I'm a huge fan :) Did you dislike playing Adrianna Tate-Duncan when all the other characters hated her after what she did to Silver?

  • Maria Haustveit Mæland
    Maria Haustveit Mæland

    Hi Jessica!<3 I'm a BIG fan!!! 2 questions; If you could choose a country to visit, what would it be? and are you ever going to visit Norway? :) xo, Maria from Norway

  • Sting Al Nabawi
    Sting Al Nabawi

    in the last 90210 episode when teddy gone there was a beautiful song can you tell me the name of this song or the song's artist??

  • coolkid990

    Hi!! Im a HUGE fan. Do you see any of yourself in Adrianna, now your making it big in the music industry? ... I LOVE your new song btw, would love too meet you one day! x Chris Salter, Bewdley, ENGLAND. xxx

  • Dan

    Hi Jessica, big fan. funny question for you, are you ticklish if so where? thanks jess

  • Kerem Elbeyli
    Kerem Elbeyli

    Would u like to make the soundtrack of 90210?

  • Joshua Zvimba
    Joshua Zvimba

    Why are you single and would you date a guy who wasn't in the industry?

  • Imogen Smith
    Imogen Smith

    Jessica how do you never have any spots :O Your so beautiful!

  • Barney Smith
    Barney Smith

    Hey Jessica :) Would you ever be able to help someone who wants to get into the business?

  • cooperpooper

    I am from LA...one more question! What is your favorite food? Something you could never live without being able to have....

  • Noah

    I kid, I kid. Here's my REAL Question: Team Edward or Team Jacob? THE WORLD MUST KNOW!

  • Noah

    If you were a hotdog, would you eat yourself?

  • sara213

    hi Jessica who is your celebrity crush? and who's your favorite singer? and what's your favorite song wright now?????? i'm sara from new york

  • bunny face
    bunny face

    where do you like to shop?

  • Faby Fourmaut
    Faby Fourmaut

    Hi Jessica !! You have a lot of fans in France so do you plan to make the promotion of your album in France or even some concerts ? ( I hope so much ^^ )

  • scarjo64

    What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

  • kaca95

    Jessica,who's better to kiss:a boy or a girl?im from serbia

  • Hanan Brandes
    Hanan Brandes

    Hey Jessica, im Hanan from Israel:) My question is: If you'll have the chance to develop your music career but you will have to leave 90210, would you do it?

  • Namirah Zihniah
    Namirah Zihniah

    what shampoo and conditioner do you use? im from indonesia:)

  • Karla Suarez
    Karla Suarez

    Hi Jessica I have always wondered what is your favorite number or lucky number?

  • Heather Payne
    Heather Payne

    have you ever been turned down for a role because of how beautiful you are?

  • cooperpooper

    What was your fave TV show growing up?