David Beckham Sheds Shirt for Exhibition Soccer Match in Indonesia (PHOTOS)

Beckham Hits Beach
Becks shirtless and sexy on the beach!
David Beckham took advantage of the lack of screaming fans and photographers during a match with the LA Galaxy in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday and tore off his shirt, proving yet again why he’s considered to be one of the hottest athletes out there! 

David and his team traveled to Indonesia this week to take on the Indonesian All-Star Selection team. Since it was just exhibition match, David felt that it would be okay to take off his jersey, and we can’t imagine anyone complained!

His stripping of his LA Galaxy jersey may also be a foreshadowing of his upcoming potential departure from the team – his contract with LA Galaxy expires this month!

“I’m very proud of the time that I’ve spent with the Galaxy and it might continue,” David told ESPN. “I think at the end of the day I have a big decision to make, but I obviously haven’t made one yet.

Regardless of whether or not he transfers to a different team, we’re sure David’s fans will follow him wherever he goes – especially if he keeps stripping down mid-game!

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