Lady Gaga Debuts Schizophrenic 'Marry the Night' Mini-Movie (VIDEO)

Here it is, little monsters! Lady Gaga has unveiled her latest video "Marry the Night," a 13-minute mini-movie set to one of Born This Way's best tracks. 

In typical head-scratching Gaga style, the video begins with a long interlude that champions her fashion-forward approach to, well, everything. She notes that the nurses strolling her down the hallway are wearing "next season Calvin Klein" and that she's wearing custom designer shoes -- in what appears to be a mental hospital.

Is this her Girl, Interrupted moment? As ever, she treats viewers to an dizzying onslaught of contrived images that are meant to provoke a reaction from the audience. With gigantic hats, cars on fire, and plenty of splashing naked in a bathtub wearing glittery heels, this is what the Lady does best. 

Jason Williams, a featured dancer in the video -- who first appeared alongside Gaga on So You Think You Can Dance -- tells Celebuzz this video moves a little differently due to a new artistic direction after she parted ways with long time choreographer/director Laurie Ann Gibson.

"Every great entertainer grows from each album and sometimes a conflict in creative direction arises or even causes controversy," he says of the split. "Laurie Ann Gibson and Lady Gaga are both extremely strong-willed, passionate and creative women and sometimes that can cause a separation ... It was a pleasure working with them both and I was able to grow as an dancer from their genius advice."

He adds that Gaga's approach has always been to lose herself in her performance and that she's exactly the same way years later by being completely absorbed in herself artistically.  

What do you make of the video? Tell us in the comments below!



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  • DIK

    ho hummmmm i smell the typical replay of the continum of expressions of what wanna b`s wish but is snot . B_O_R_I_N_G !

  • Barbara Pilgrim
    Barbara Pilgrim

    What a lot of people don't seem to realize, is that what Gaga does is a gimmick. She's a business woman. What's the object of being in business for yourself? It's making as much of a profit as you can. She does what she does because it sells. If it didn't sell, she'd change her tactic and try something that does. She's giving the fans what they ask for. Stop and think of another singer who was an astute business woman and put her style out there because of what the fans demanded: Madonna. Please don't sell Gaga short because she's only doing what's been the best moves for her career. All hype, videos, nakedness aside, if you watch some of her videos before she was Gaga, you'll find that she's truly a talented person. I'm sorry, but I have to give her kudos for not backing down and taking care of herself. More power to her!

  • pak31

    @Stephanie, Madonna did the same thing years ago, this is nothing new. The only ones benefitting from it are the young teens who aren't aware of Madonna. I don't understand why she needs to go to the extreme to get a basic message across. It's not expressing herself, it's just a way to get attention.

  • pak31

    Hollywodd, Rihanna, Britney, beyonce and Katy are no different than Gaga. They all put their appearance before their songs, and most of them dress half naked too. Rihanna is sex obsessed.

  • Hollywodd

    This women or whatever she is needs to stop being so full of herself. There's something called self confidence and there's something called money whoring slut. Gaga really needs to put on some clothes. There has not been one single video where she doesn't get naked. I am so tired of her and can't wait til she disappears. I guess when you're as ugly as gaga, you can get away with baring it all but when you're pretty like Rihanna, Britney, beyonce or Katy to name a few, the moment you take your clothes off, your a bad role model to others and disgrace to humanity. Gaga is the worst artist on this earth to date. She is nothing but a fake. Using gays, lesbian's and such to gain money and fame.

  • a

    what a bitch. all she does is show skin, bare naked and pretending to praise the gays for money. Gaga is the fakest bitch alive.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Stephanie Christine
    Stephanie Christine

    i was at a lost for words. But than I realized how truley amazing she is. Unconditional love for ourselves and others. Thank you lady gaga for breaking the standard. You will truely live forever!