Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman Make Out on the Set of ‘The Longest Week’ (PHOTOS)

Olivia Without Makeup
Olivia Wilde opts for a fresh-faced look in Hawaii.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Bateman were once again spotted getting up close and personal this week, with lots of kissing, cuddling and hand-holding.

But before you go calling the tabloids, relax: It was just for their new movie, The Longest Week, which is currently filming in New York City. Based on these pics alone, it looks like these two are going to have some serious chemistry together.

This will mark a mini-reunion of sorts for Wilde and Bateman, who previously starred together in this summer’s The Change-Up. This time around, Bateman an immature, spoiled-rotten adult who unexpectedly falls in love after he gets evicted from his cushy apartment inside the Manhattan Hotel. Billy Crudup co-stars.

What do you think of Olivia and Jason’s lip-locking action? Is it sexy? Or anything but? Check it out now in our gallery!