Ouch! Mark Salling Fractures His Pelvis (PHOTO)

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Oh no! One of our favorite Gleeks, Mark Salling, has fractured his pelvis. He took to Twitter on Thursday posting the “glamourous” photo above, and thanked fans for their kind remarks.

“its not that bad, i can still walk and even run but sitting and getting up is excruciating. can i get some crylenol? or maybe some sadvil?”

So how did it happen? And is his production schedule affected?

Playing basketball! A friend of Mark’s tells us that the Glee star has a hairline fracture, but is working through the pain, and it really only hurts when he sits down.

Aside from heading to the doctor when it happened, Glee and his shooting schedule won’t be affected.

Such a trooper– feel better Mark!