Who’s That Guy? Guess Which Celeb Wore a Plastic Bag Over His Head (PHOTOS)

Guess Who? Cleavage!
Which hot Hollywood lady is this?
Guess Who: Hot Legs!
Can you guess which celeb is pictured?
Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Can you match the Celeb with their bikini?
Perhaps this musician was having a bad hair day, but he decided to hit the streets of London, covering up his face with a plastic bag. Strolling with his A-list gal, he didn’t seem very amused by the paparazzi. He peered out through a single eye hole — and didn’t even remove the bag while shopping for groceries!

Can you name that star?

It’s Matt Bellamy! He and Kate Hudson were spotted this morning in England, but the couple didn’t seem too happy to run into the photographers on their way to the store. Kate also tried to cover her face with a hooded jacket. She eventually turned on the photographers, snapping pics of them with her iPhone.

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