Celebs Send Britney Spears Birthday Love on Twitter! (PHOTOS)

Happy birthday to Ms. Britney Spears!

With one of pop music's biggest icons turning 30 years young on Friday, you best believe that a number of her celebrity friends took the time out to send their well wishes on Twitter.

So, who is singing Brit's praises?

Justin Bieber, Brit's touring bud DJ Pauly D, and (our personal fave) her former Mickey Mouse co-star Christina Aguilera all gave her birthday shout outs on Twitter.

To see who else, check out the gallery!



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  • Ket

    There is nothing wrong with that. I have corase black dark hair with a brownish streak, and a few white hairs, but I always wanted to have the more lighter color or such as dark brown hair color like Kim.

  • Jen Dhana Clarke
    Jen Dhana Clarke

    Lots of March bdays, mine included plus @10 people I know. Hardly recognized most of them.

  • Narnia

    Yaaayyy Miley,Britney tweeted back to her and follows Miley now!

  • Joshua Pingley
    Joshua Pingley

    OMG aweeeeeee!