Flashback Friday: 10-Year-Old Britney Spears on 'Star Search' (VIDEO)

lil' Brit!

Most people remember when Britney Spears hit the scene with "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)," at just 16, she masterfully straddled the line between sweet and sexy, pushing the boundaries with her image while her infectious pop songs instantly catapulted her into super stardom. 

Except, her success didn't really come overnight. Brit had been building a career since her early years on The Mickey Mouse Club. Yet, even before that, she was working it onstage!

Celebuzz has uncovered one of her first televised performance, at just 10! 

The young Spears appeared on the now defunct Star Search, singing her little heart out. 

p.s. Somebody should really bring that show back! 

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  • Reza

    Caveat to #4 (which then goes along with #5)- if you are going to have citation tools, PLEASE make sure they are atcurace. APA 6th does not include Retrieved from Ebscohost in its references; stop putting in your own advertising!

  • Laura White
    Laura White

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  • anibanani

    She sang better then than she does now... really!!