Our Pal Picks Her Favorite Britney Spears Performance of All Time

Britney Gone Wild
See Miss Spears' most risque outfits.
Brit Bikinis in Rio
Britney Spears sports a green two piece.
Kelly Lynch is an editor for our sister site Socialite Life, and in honor of Britney Spears’ 30th birthday, Celebuzz gave her the daunting task of choosing Brit’s best performance over her expansive career.

Like everyone who’s loved Britney Spears since CDs were all the rage, I’ve paid meticulous attention to her stage and music video costumes.  I envied her toned, sweaty body in “Slave 4 U,” and tried mercilessly to make myself look THAT good in red vinyl.  My efforts came up short, but that didn’t discourage me from practicing my chair flips a la “Stronger” and pretend I was on a long and arduous life journey while listening to “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.”


In what was arguably her best performance to date, Britney Spears took the stage at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards wearing a black fedora and suit.  Spears started out with a slow version of “Satisfaction,” then gyrated sharply to the beat, stripping off to reveal THAT outfit-the outfit I would sell my sibling to look flawless in.  The nude fabric blended in so well with Britney’s tanned body that you could only see sparkle.  Her stomach was crunched out and, to this day, I put braids in my hair because it worked so well on Britney. 

Spears’ performance that night of “Oops…I Did It Again” was legendary and one that people talk about to this day.  We ignore the fact that she lip-synced through most of it because it is a classic moment in VMA history.  My favorite part came at the end when she just pounded her fist against the stage a few times before breathlessly saying, “Ooooh I did it again.”  Yeah ya did!

Best.  Britney Performance.  Ever

Happy 30th, bitch.

xo  Kelly

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