Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy: Back On or Friendly Night Out? (PHOTOS)

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Prince Harry is back in London after his military training in the United States, and it seems as though his time away from England was enough to stir up some nostalgia between His Royal Hotness and on-again-off-again (though currently off for quite some time) ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

Harry quickly went back to his favorite activity — having some good old-fashioned fun at a nightclub — upon his return to London. Looking dapper in a blazer, Harry was spotted out and about for a night on the town, but it wasn’t really Harry’s appearance that was the surprise. Also in tow was Davy, clad in a red dress and black tights, looking  happy to see her pal Harry.

The duo also partied with British rapper Dizzee Rascal.

Harry and Davy broke things off shortly before the Royal Wedding — causing a worldwide frenzy of fans urging Harry to take a shot at Pippa Middleton, now his sister-in-law thanks to Prince William marrying Kate Middleton.