Should Prince Harry Get Back Together With Chelsy Davy? Their Relationship In Pics

We thought these two were kaput until we saw them hanging out Thursday night! Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy can't seem to quit each other but is it a good idea for them to rekindle their romance?

Chelsy and Harry dated for about five years before breaking up in 2009, and she was reportedly Harry's date to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

Click the pics to see their relationship over the years and let us know: Do you think Harry and Chelsy are meant for each other? Sound off in the comments! 



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  • Livin&Lovin'

    MFEO - made for each other.

  • Heather Nicolle
    Heather Nicolle

    Magnanimous? Really? Just because your thesaurus suggested it doesn't mean it fits.

  • Heather Nicolle
    Heather Nicolle

    OMG she's fugly. It's not that she's not the prettiest girl at the polo club, but she's also trashy looking - and she doesn't help herself by caking on stripper make-up and always wearing hideous outfits. And notice she's not wearing a bra in this pic. Or her bra is not doing any of its duties. They're all low and I can totally see nip. Now if that's not classy, I don't know what is! Kate is looking at her like she's disgusted.

  • Max

    Chelsys absolutely great, adventurous, educated and beautiful...Harrys awesome and magnanimous with likely a constant battle between his head and heart and all his commitments and ditto his gf. Do they make a match couple? Of course. But ask anyone in real life about relationships that did not 'fail' per se more than failed to proceed. Stopping is not the same thing as staying. Some people move on. Maybe they believe in the impossible who knows, maybe they believe in reality and laugh at all the speculation out loud. Could you act out a commitment to be part of a Royal family for (your life) if you simply think you might spend half your whole life wishing you had your own life instead? Just a thought.

  • Dani

    They both look great. I love Chelsy's outfit.

  • Richard

    Chelsy is caught on the horns of a dilemma. She can never be happy unless she is with Harry and if she is with Harry she can never have a career, nor be happy. Notice if you will that Chelsy's eyes always sparkle and shine when she is with Harry, which makes her happy. Notice that her eyes are flat and lifeless when she and Harry are apart, which makes her sad. Conclusion: She needs to be with Harry to have happy eyes and that ingratiating smile. I can only add that she is a force to be reckoned with. She and Harry do indeed love each other. Chelsy is the touchstone to Harry's future. Chelsy is the sun because she is the center of Harry's universe.

  • Whitney Warren
    Whitney Warren

    Whether or not Harry and Chelsy are meant for each other, relationships, in my experience, take work. A lot of work.

  • Brandt

    Chelsy is so gorgeous and sexy. Zimbabwean perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.