10 Things You Don't Know About 'Shame' Star Carey Mulligan (PHOTOS)

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Carey Mulligan is leaving little to the imagination these days! The 26-year-old starlet bares it all in Shame, where she stars alongside Michael Fassbender and James Badge Dale.

The flick hits theaters Dec. 2 but we've gotten a taste of what's to come in two intense trailers and it's safe to say, this is nothing Carey has done before! Carey told HitFlix,

"[Drive] wasn't challenging in the way that Shame was. It wasn't pushing out of my boundaries; it was something that I was really comfortable in. And when I talked to Steve [about Shame], I talked a lot about how I felt passionately that I wanted to not do what I'd been doing."

Carey also shows off her singing chops in the film too! Director Steve McQueen explains that having Carey sing was a "gamble that paid off." The director had nothing but glowing words to say about his leading actress saying, 

"With Carey, on the surface she is a sweet girl, but let me tell you, she is a freakin’ tiger with claws. She seems cute and cuddly and sweet, but beneath that is a person who is passionate and who wants it and is hardworking and argumentative and confrontational, all for the right reasons."
Check out the trailer for Shame below! Will you be hitting the theaters to see the NC-17 film?




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  • danielleakame

    that movie was amazing...she is amazing...

  • danielleakame

    she is so cute...i wanna put her in my pocket!

  • qwerty

    *until she was 11. went to germany when she was 3, stayed for 8 years... it's on wikipedia. get it right celebuzz.

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