Charlize Theron: ‘I Don’t Know If I Feel I’m Here to Stay’

Charlize Gets Lacy
The starlet stuns in a black and nude minidress.
Even though she already has an Oscar under her belt, Charlize Theron still doubts herself as an actress from time to time.

In the December issue of Los Angeles Confidential magazine, Theron admitted that she sometimes can’t keep up with the ever-expanding entertainment industry:

I don’t know if I feel I’m here to stay … but that’s a good thing.  That keeps you on your toes.  

She added:

I think this is an industry where you can’t get too comfortable. It’s constantly churning with great talent, and you’ve got to raise the bar and try to push yourself. I don’t ever want to kind of feel, Yeah, I’m here. I made it. I think that would probably be the time to retire.

In the article, the starlet also revealed that, because of her filming schedule for Mad Max: Fury Road, she almost lost out on her role in the upcoming film, Young Adult:

I said, I don’t want to read anything, because then I’ll be depressed and want to kill myself because I can’t do it.

Luckily for her, fate intervened and the blonde bombshell was able to appear in the movie!

To see more of Charlize’s interview, head over to Los Angeles Confidential now!