Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Signature Booty in Skin-Tight Minidress (PHOTOS)

If you've got it, flaunt it!

Jennifer Lopez showed off her signature booty (and not to mention her great legs) in a skin-tight, yellow leather minidress on Saturday. The "On The Floor" singer wore the saucy little number to film scenes for her new reality TV show, Q'Viva: The Chosen, in Lima, Peru. She was currently shooting a scene about a man who does tricks on a soccer ball. 

But sorry fellas, Jennifer's already taken!

J.Lo has been getting hot and heavy with back-up dancer Casper Smart over the past month. The twosome were spotted packing on major PDA earlier this week. 

Hopefully things won't be too awkward on the Q'Viva set -- Jennifer's ex-husband Marc Anthony is also set to star on the show!


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  • MsNoName

    Her teeth aren't crooked. Are you blind?

  • not_a_hater

    She looks like a tubby spaniard. Not good. She should slim up her belly is hanging there.

  • Ja'nell Falconer
    Ja'nell Falconer


  • crista

    Its better 2 have a big ass than no ass. Grabbing onto meat is always better than touching skin and bones....Only a HATER would say that. Girl did u forget she had twins...Thats not weight in the middle, its a small pouch....She looks hottt for being 42. Marie lets see what u will look like at that age. U know what they say..."females who talk on other females are INSECURE about themselves....The day will never come when any guy will choose u over J-lo...loland Audrinna learn how to spell...its jealous not jelouse...lmao...

  • facebook-auto-user-100003013853927

    are you kidding? I guess you are just taking her beauty at face value. She's a horrible person, with no real talent. Why is she still popular? She can't even step foot in the Bronx, where she is from because she feels she is too good for that.

  • dinho

    take this life need for all this your shit dress...enough of flaunting....she don old

  • audrinaa


  • ashley

    I use to big a fan of her, but not so much lately. Maybe its the over-exposure

  • bebina

    beautiful and flawless as always

  • circuitburner

    tru dat

  • AA

    Hey Jlo, we’re forgetting to know what you famous for? Is it your big fat ass? Your name was not mention in the 2012 Grammy Awards nominations? Your album “Love” nominated the flop of the year, 20 plus years in the industry and never won a Grammy Award, 20 years plus in the movie industry and never won an Oscar Award, and your own fashion line “Sweetface”, which when bankrupt last year, and how you scam Kohl’s and Wall Street Investor in millions of dollars in contracts which was suppose to be Kohl's "the first celebrity couple fashion line to simultaneously design collections for one retailer." Leaving the impression to everyone that they were the happiest married couple in the world, and when all the contracts will finalized, announced your divorce., that’s what you call “fraud”, and dealing with Wall Street Investor’s, that called ”Securities Fraud”. You can scam the public with your phony schemes, but you can’t scam “Wall Street”, you go prison for that type of crime, and if you think you above the law, because you think your famous, think twice, ask Martha Steward, she went to prison for 3 years for a Wall Street insider trading scheme.

  • marie

    another big assed girl.....gross! She's got some extra weight in her middle, too, and shouldn't be wearing this type of dress.

  • frank

    One hot ass,jennifer is great

  • 7-T. Matheiu
    7-T. Matheiu

    J.Lo booty has been quite a favorite, but others thinks a bit too much of a opinion, her big ass is banging

  • Lollipop

    never noticed her teeth were crooked before. It's good that some people can appreciate themselves the way they are.

  • Lollipop

    Looks like digested mango...from a bird (and I'm not even trying to be mean. Serious!)