Blake Lively Makes Early Morning Exit Out of Ryan Reynolds' Apartment Building (PHOTOS)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds continue to fuel relationship rumors on Monday morning as they were photographed leaving Ryan's Boston apartment in the early morning.

The Gossip Girl was headed to NYC by train, but made every attempt to hide her identity, huddled underneath a white coat and big hat. Meanwhile, Ryan was also bundled up but his face was in plain view. 

The Green Lantern costars seem to be spending a lot of time at Ryan's home.

Blake and Ryan have been spotted at all hours of the day attempting to leave his apartment unnoticed. This relationship rumor comes after the actress reportedly split from Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan broke up with wife Scarlett Johansson



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  • William

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  • Millie

    They look good together, think she is far better suited for him than his ex-wife, he seems so easy going and I always got impression Scarlett too intense. Blake seems very friendly and breezy....a good combination.