Check Out Pre-‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth in Terrifying ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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Five friends, spending the weekend at a cozy (and secluded) cabin in the woods. What could go wrong? Plenty, trust us!

In the newly released trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, Chris Hemsworth leads a pack of friends whose fun weekend away turns into a living nightmare.

We have to admit, it looks pretty scary!

The Cabin in the Woods hits theaters in April 2012.

Filmed in 2009, it was produced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, who is also directing The Avengers, out in summer 2012. (Which, fun fact, also stars Chris as Thor!).

Check out the trailer above, and let us know if you want to see it in the comments!