Cute Kids Alert! Kingston & Zuma Rossdale Enjoy a Family Fun Day (PHOTOS)

Gwen Goes Sheer
The No Doubt singer wears a barely there shirt.
Gwen Stefani’s little tykes get cuter everyday!

Gwen and hubby Gavin Rossdale recently took their sons to a local park for some family fun. Kingston and Zuma (ages 5 and 3 respectively) had a blast twirling hula hoops and playing catch with their dad. After all that running around, the happy family refueled by chowing down on slices of pizza.

We’re totally loving Zuma’s adorable zebra hat too!

Even though Gwen has been busy working on her fashion lines, the fashionista mama always takes the time to kick back and chill with her kids. This past weekend, Gwen took Kingston and Zuma out Christmas shopping at a local big-box store. Despite being in a shop full of toys, the boys opted to play with bags of decorative snow.

How cute!

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