Giuliana Rancic Planning to Undergo Double Mastectomy (VIDEO)

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TV personality Giuliana Rancic updated her fans about the progress of her breast cancer treatments Monday morning on the TODAY show. Sitting alongside her husband Bill Rancic, the E! News host disclosed that she will undergo a double mastectomy. This is the surgical removal of one or both breasts.

“I have options. I’m choosing to get the mastectomy because I believe it will save my life,” she told Anne Curry

Giuliana said her husband Bill told her that he just needs her around for the next 50 years despite what she may look like. 

This past October, Giuliana disclosed that she had cancer on the TODAY show. “Through my attempt to get pregnant … we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer. It’s been a shock,” Rancic said, choking back tears and acknowledging that many fans would think her big announcement would be a pregnancy.