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Mario Lopez has officially joined the list of MOTOACTV lovers.

The Extra host, who is known for his outstanding fitness, was a proud runner in the NYC Marathon last month. To train for the long run, Lopez used the new fitness performance tracker and music player from Motorola. MOTOACTV is the ultimate fusion of music and fitness that helps you scorch  calories and track your workouts to get the best results possible.

Need it to start your holiday workout plan? Here’s how to enter:

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  • Natasha Hudnall
    Natasha Hudnall


  • Kayla Stratton
    Kayla Stratton

    My least favorite exercise is running. I have a disability and when I run to much, I get dizzy, really out of breath like I am going to faint, and I start feeling really sick. It's a really bad feeling!

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I can run on the elliptical for a long time but running outside always kills me (I get bad shin splints) and have never been good about pacing myself

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    I detest, strongly dislike SPIN....yes, you heard me....SPIN. I swear i feel like im going to vomit as soon as we start...its soo hard to keep up and i know its good but damn, it makes you feel like hell and your crotch hurts legs are weak face full of sweat mouth is dry, can it get any worse?....its a great workout but its horrific none the less...

  • Erica Best
    Erica Best

    My least favorite exercise is running i hate it

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    push ups. They are evil.

  • kellybird

    Least favorite exercise has to be pullups. UGH

  • cheshiregryn

    ...probably push-ups with the balance ball. I'm just starting out with it and it's proving to be more challenging than it looks....i'll get there :-) i've never been a quitter...

  • cmpetree

    Step class! I get so dizzy!

  • wheat636

    My least favorite exercise is the plank - I always end up with a tomato face and shaking all over!

  • Tina McDowell
    Tina McDowell


  • rebeldegurl1991

    my least favorite exercise is lunges and running...maybe because i cant do either lol

  • Jaime Ferguson
  • Sam Laurencin
    Sam Laurencin


  • Steve Hearon
    Steve Hearon

    Least fav is squats.

  • Sasia June Marlow
    Sasia June Marlow

    My least favorite exercise would have to be running! I love to exercise but running.. yuck!

  • chelyea

    My least favorite exercise? Squats. I HATE squats.

  • Brenda Snyder Frantz
    Brenda Snyder Frantz

    Any type of exercise is my least favorite!

  • Adam Christopher Greco
    Adam Christopher Greco

    Pullups!!!!!!!!!! They kill me.

  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    My least favorite is running. I SO wish I was a runner but I just hate it. All I do is count down the seconds feeling bored and completely out of breath. (@l_marielle)

  • linds82

    My least favorite exercise is running! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • ecaterina29

    i seriously don't have a least favorite. i actually enjoy working out. i have two kids so it's a great stress reliever. i enjoy the exercises that i do

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My least favorite exercise is push-ups!

  • danielleakame

    my least favorite exercise is what my trainer makes me do, its called a burpie...? first you have to do a pushup, then jump up to a squat, catch a ball, throw it to someone and then do a jumping jack. it gets me i opt out of them whenever i can. :o/

  • Michelle Giorgi
    Michelle Giorgi

    My least favorite exercise is running. I tend to get shin splints really easy. I love exercising though and can't get enough squats and ab exercises.

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    mmm least favorite, well just about anything, it's all very borning but necessary

  • Jennifer Causby
    Jennifer Causby

    Our favorite way to workout is riding bikes! jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  • Kristie miron
    Kristie miron

    My least favorite is running!!

  • Zerlina Maxwell
    Zerlina Maxwell

    my least favorite exercise is push ups!

  • Kristin Schumbacker Gilbert
    Kristin Schumbacker Gilbert

    My lease favorite is situps and it shows.

  • Deidra Prescott
    Deidra Prescott

    Push ups ugggggggghhhhhhhhhh

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    My least favorite is Cardio! but love a challenge

  • egood33

    My least favorite exercise is swimming!

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    my LEAST favorite activity is pushups! ha! i'll do any other workout except for that!