Robert Pattinson Seen Out With 'Disturbia' Actress Sarah Roemer (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson may be in a relationship with Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart, but that didn't stop him from hanging out with gal pal Sarah Roemer Saturday night. 

RPattz, 25, and Sarah, 27, hit up the quaint Hollywood hotspot La Poubelle with friends before making their way to the Soho House. Don't worry, Rob and Kristen are still as good as ever! Nothing wrong with a friendly outing.

Dressed in typical Rob fashion, the actor wore a plaid shirt, baseball cap and sported a lot of scruff! If Sarah looks familiar, you probably remember her from the 2007 thriller Disturbia where she starred alongside another heartthrob, Shia LaBeouf

Judging by their group, think Rob and Sarah may be discussing a project together? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    he is with kristen he is only with friends!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Get Her Rob
    Go Get Her Rob

    I hope Rob does move on to someone who is not ashamed to admit she is dating him. I get the feeling that someday soon the twitards are going to go apeshit when they realize these two have been playing them for fools all this time.

  • Ady

    I'm saying that because she looks so relaxed in this pics(see the semi-smirk) and has chosen a perfect place to seat while Rob clearly looks upset/bothered :/ but this is just my opinion & I'm not accusing her of anything jsyk

  • Ady

    LOL at the person who said that she's hotter than Kristen. But I think this Sarah chick liked the attention she got I mean now she's linked to one of the hottest heart throbs in the Hollywood just cause she got pap'd with him ALONG with group of friends but then again this how gossip business works :/

  • jj

    isn't she in cosmopolis with him?? is that what the movie is called? why do people assume they are on a date or cheating.. maybe they are friends and are hanging out like friends do :)

  • Megan

    OK.. this girl is PISSING ME OFF.. look at that ugly smirk on her face.. its an Evil smirk.. she knows that people will talk about her because she was seen with Rob.. what a loser

  • REality Check
    REality Check

    In fact, someone needs to add some oak stakes and garlic to these films. Simon Belmont FTW!

  • REality Check
    REality Check

    Who cares? These people are soulless killing machines

  • Beverly York
    Beverly York

    I've hicks from Yadkin Co. look better than he does !

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    KS will have NO prob. with men lined up at her door.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Doesn't look good folks....Rob is very aware of the press and papz. '

  • jack

    this girl is hotter than kristen? NO WAY. i just looked her up and she looks like a fake bottled blonde...she probably had something to do with calling in the paps anyway. If he and kristen broke up, this is a definite downgrade on his part. hey, that leaves kstew open for someone like me to date

  • justsaying

    I think it's pathetic that I read this article. But what is even more pathetic is the fact that you people (Rob and Kristen fans) are so wrapped up in their personal lives. Robsten fans need to get a life. That is all!

  • Ans

    Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart even official? This girl is WAY hotter than Kristen.

  • lake

    i see a group of people. no harm in going out with a group of people for dinner and drinks. i also see some are trying to make drama where there isn't any. how many times a yr do we get stories that rob or kristen are cheating on each other? the big with kristen was her cheating with garrett. now the buzz that those people is with are producers.

  • Beverly

    Wow Laura and everyone else that thinks like you, you sounded really upset. Maybe you should try facts. It was a group of 5 people out, not him and some actress and he did not go home with her. Nowhere does any article even indicate that. He was with two producers who have worked with both his friend Andrew as well as Kristens friends. Sara even worked with Kristen. This is all so sad and ridiculous. The poor guy cant go anywhere. What I would like to know is who called the paps. Obviously one of these people he was with wanted publicity off of him. I actually feel sorry for Rob. As far as the names you call him for going out maybe you should know that your girl Kristen was spotted out in London saturday night smoking outside of a pub with 3 guys and a girl. So what do you think of that. Just because the paps in London dont follow and photo her unless Rob is expected to be or is in London with her doesnt mean she is sitting home knitting sweaters. If you are gonna say nastly things about Rob, better start saying them about Kristen as well as she is often out with the opposite sex, drinking, etc. Move on and grow up if you were a true fan of either you would support them both and stop making false accusations.

  • Laura

    He was JUST staying with Kristen in her apt in London less than a week ago and she was photographed wearing his F-ING clothes last Wednesday the day he flew back to LA. Now 3 days later he's out hooking up with some ugly d-lister actress and going home with her from Soho House? What kind of loser is this cheating on Kristen like this? He just left her a few days ago and does this? I'm appalled and don't know what to think of Mr. Rob Pattinson right now. He can p*ss off and disappear for all I care. I hope he chokes on his own drunken vomit. It would serve him right!

  • Marianne

    How sad, really thought that Celebuzz was above this kind of yellow journalism. Guess not. At least Taryn stayed away from it so we can still trust her. Rob was out with 5 people, 2 were producers, one was the producers girlfriend and then the actress. Probably something work related. One of the producers has produced movies that both Robs friend Andrew as well as two of Kristen's friends. Either way the pictures are misleading. There are 5 people in that car. Also Rob did not go to SOHO after not even sure if the others did. This reporter should learn how to read twitter - the one producer indicated that he went to SOHO house but the date only shows the 3rd because it was posted after midnight (on the 2nd). If you dont know how to read twitter times any moron can stroll up a couple tweets and then see that he is talking about where he is having lunch on Saturday the 3rd. So the tweet would obviously be from the night of the 2nd. How sad that Celebuzz is now on par with all the other no investigation, salacious, unwarranted , headline grapping only gossip sites. Just another to chalk off the list I guess. You will lose more readers than you will gain by this article. The RK fans already did all the investigation for you yesterday. You should have read their tweets instead of making up this crap.

  • Natalia

    Come on, he's not cheating. There were two producers with them too in the car. Maybe a new movie or something.

  • Rita Steele
    Rita Steele

    this poor man cannot do anything without judging him he and kristen know whats going on nobody else knows and should leave them alone i do not understand the fasination with him but i am as guilty as the next one

  • kaca95

    so what??????????????????

  • amour

    You fail to mention there were two producers in the same car with them. Movie maybe? Or trying to get this Big movie Star interested in a project they're doing. Rob loves Kristen loves Rob. No more Drama Please?

  • kvaughn75

    Interesting that Taryn didn't write this up. Yes, you're missing the fact he was with two producers, Kevin Turen and Mohammad Al Turki. Kevin is producer of Back Roads starring Rob's friend Andrew Garfield. Rob's said recently he wants to produce more, very possible he's getting on board. Maybe Sarah will be cast. Sarah is also repped by ICM which is the agency Rob was seen walking out of in August. As a side note Sarah was in Cutlass with Kristen in 2007. Very possible they've remained friends and Rob's friends with her too. It's just fodder because neither he nor Kristen have been seen out with her before. But anything for a juicy headline and hits right Celebuzz??? *eyeroll*

  • katia

    you fail to mention the producer who was next to Rob also in the back of the car.

  • James Merrick
    James Merrick

    Sarah is so gorgeous and sexy. She's amazing. That woman is incredible. Robert Pattinson better stick with Kristen Stewart because Sarah is way out of his league.

  • Robsten_Fan

    WTF?! Is he cheating on KStew?!