Take a Blast From the Past with Celebrity Yearbook Pics (PHOTOS)

Ahh, high school -- it's an exciting, frightening and, yet somehow, wonderful social experience that jocks and nerds alike had to go through.

Before they became big names in Hollywood, stars such as Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, and Amanda Seyfried were only regular kids who were trying avoid detention and get by with a good grade. We here at Celebuzz decided to dig up a couple of high school pics of our fave celebs to see just how they were before hitting it big.

Click through the gallery to see their (slightly embarrassing) yearbook photos!

Better yet, we've also dug up quite a few high school prom photos during our search. Check out Sandra Bullock, Britney SpearsHalle Berry and other stars strutting their stuff at their senior formal! 



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  • courtneybaaaby

    are you joking right now! you dont know who amanda seyfried is! shes one the the most famous, beautiful and talented actresses going, she has been in such big movies like, mama mia, chloe, red riding hood, dear john, and SO much more, do you even own a tv?

  • Azzhat

    I dont even know who 3/4 of these "famous" people are.