Who Is Robert Pattinson's Pal Sarah Roemer? (PHOTOS)

It pays to be in popular company. Sarah Roemer has a pretty impressive resume though no one was really taking notice of the 27-year-old actress until she stepped out Saturday night alongside Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson

Now, the Disturbia star's face is splashed all over the tabloids with unnecessary speculation surrounding her relationship with 25-year-old RPattz, who is dating Kristen Stewart. 

Click the pics to find out more about the up and coming actress including how she's connected with KStew!

Rob and Sarah were spotted over the weekend out with friends at the Los Feliz hotspot La Poubelle before heading to the exclusive West Hollywood Soho House. The two were snapped leaving in the same car together. 

However, Sarah may be a friend of Kristen's. Both girls starred in the Kate Hudson-directed short Cutlass in 2007.


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  • Tracy

    And who the hell are you to say Kristen is always pissy?! Do you hang out with her on the regular? Are you there when the paps aren't smashing cameras in her face? The girl has no problem smiling, laughing, joking, signing autographs, answering questions or any other PRESS related task, that is a part of her JOB. The times she's "pissy and can't be bothered" is when she's on HER time. And you're damn right she's pissy! She can't even visit her parents without the scumbags following her with cameras, thinking she owes them a photo. I'd sneer, growl, pout & flip the bird too!

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    they are with friends they are only friends!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Thank you for stating the truth. There are some crazy rude people on here.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Yep - you are obsessed - with making statements about people you don't know. You are incredibly rude to make that comment about K. She is a 21 year old girl doing her job, trying to live a private life and you have the audacity to make those comments? You should be ashamed. Get a life and leave these people alone. I'm embarrassed for you. And certainly if you are obsessed with Twilight you would act more supportive of these people, but obviously your obsession is about R. Just a note -- he doesn't want you..............

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    I see two people who know each other in a car -- nothing more. What is wrong with them being at the same place for dinner etc.? I don't see a scandal here at all. Let it go people -- you obviously need more to do in your life if you are going to spend all this time weaving tales. Also - for those bashing this girl - leave her be. Seriously unless you know her personally do not make any comments about what she wants, who she is better than etc. Same with R and K - I feel sorry for them that they can't live a quiet life without the crazies coming out and declaring they know what is really going on. You don't.

  • Obsessedtwibrarian Otb
    Obsessedtwibrarian Otb

    "Unlike Kristen who always seems pissy and cant be bothered with anything." Gotta hand it to you, Kelly. That is the most perfect description I've read of Kristen in quite a while. Rob has more class in his pinkie finger than she does in her whole body.

  • daizy

    i hope it's not true and i agree with victoria they r just friend no big deal

  • victoria

    they are just friends calm down people!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop starting drama and trouble! leave rob and kristen alone i feel bad for them i am happy i am not in their shoes

  • Kelly

    Rob is not hooking up with Sarah. But who the hell are you to say this girl has nothing on kristen, like she is worthless or something? Do you know her? For all you know she could be the nicest person in the world. Unlike Kristen who always seems pissy and cant be bothered with anything.

  • Lulle

    Look through the pictures and this girl has NOTHING on Kristen Stewart. Kristen is amazing and Rob would be the biggest idiot on the planet if he loses her!

  • Sara

    She said " My boyfriend is english"

  • Sara

    Yeah... " I am dating an English boy"" what that means....

  • gaga

    I feel so sorry for him...`he is a genuisly loveble Man ...he takes his parents with him, he is funny and smart..now only because he made the mistake sitting next to someone else than Kristen he's getting ripped all over the Internet from STUPID People who think he is EDWARD . holy cow , if I go out with my friends..lots of them Male ..and my BF wouldn't trust me..I wouldn't have this awesome relationship with him. Look Kristen is only 21 and Rob is 25 ..what do so many want..them getting married and have 12 children..It says a lot about our society..

  • camilla

    OMG people!!! he is allowed to have female friends!!! it doesn´t mean that he is cheating kristen or broke up with her!!! for crying at loud!!! c´ommn he is just having fun with friends!!!

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    KS never confirmed directly either.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    I think this girl is loving the attention and hoping this will boost her profile, which it already is.

  • Super

    They're making it sound scandalous. They're leaving out the part where it wasn't just those two. Another guy was with them, so it wasn't like a date or anything... If Rob was trying to hide something he wouldn't be at places where the papz could easily find him. Jus' sayin.

  • ilovethetide

    it would certainly break a lot of hearts to find out rob was no longer with kristen, they compliment each other, off screen and certainly on, so enjoy watching them on screen, their chemistry is amazing, and the way they look at each other, melts my heart..they seen like soul mates, nothing or maybe no one can break that apart

  • lake

    lol. only the crazies actually think rob is cheating. if you look at the video you can seem him leaving with one of the producers to get in the car, and he slides over to make room. as for soho the whole group was there. so it sounds like he went out with friends, and the paps placed their taget on this girl to "link" him up to. nothing new there.

  • tatar

    She worked with Annalynne Mccord. Kellan Lutz ex who was crushing on Rob. They met through her most likely. She is not a friend of Kristen's, they never even hung out together. Also Sarah is too hot for them to be friendly.

  • holly

    Hot couple. UPGRADE!

  • jojo

    Now she totally looks Rob's type. Tall and blonde. Now we know why he wasn't confirming his relationship with stewart even when asked directly...

  • Keyes

    Sarah is is so gorgeous and sexy. She's amazing. That woman is incredible. She showed a lot of promise in I 'Disturbia' (2007) and I hope she does more mainstream movies from now on and begins her ascension to the A-list.