Alec Baldwin Joins List of Celebs Kicked Off a Plane! (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Who Have Been Kicked Off Planes

The skies aren't always so friendly. Just today, Alec Baldwin was booted from a flight after he got into it with the crew over his phone usage. 

"Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving," the 30 Rock star tweeted. The actor kept his sense of humor, adding that "Oddly, 30 Rock plays inflight on American."

Ironically, Baldwin is the spokesperson for the Capital One Venture Card, which offers miles for "any airline, anytime." We're guessing his next flight will be United! 

Alec is but the latest celeb to face the fury of the airlines no cell phones policy. Click through our gallery to see what other stars have gotten anything but the celebrity treatment while on a commercial flight! 



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  • dont-renig-in12

    all flaming Liberals,,that shows you how intolerant they really are,,this loser cant even afford a private jet,,,LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Catherine Martin
    Catherine Martin

    Apparently Mr. Baldwin cares nothing for the safety of the other passengers on board the plane. They should have all beaten the crap out of him for not following the rules and putting them in danger. What a disgusting, bloated drunk. I just cancelled my Capital One credit card and I'll use American Airlines for every trip I take. Good job and well done!

  • bigsky

    Alec Baldwin............why do people give a damn? He is irrelivant.

  • Victorious

    oops, sorry - about the word "notorious". I was being hand-searched by TSA...

  • Victorious

    As much as I think Alec is the dickiest, douchiest, handsome sonuvvabitch who deserves to be thrown off the flight on general principle- I am in two spheres on this story. On the one hand, American Airlines should have realized that the rules do NOT apply to Mr. Baldwin. And secondly, American Airlines has a notiroirious reputation when it comes to throwing people off in a fit of pique. If I were being released from prison in a foreign country after years of being held unjustly and they were finally going to send me back to America, I'd ask to to not fly American.

  • Jeff Stone
    Jeff Stone

    Can we find a muzzle big enough to fit around Baldwin's mouth?

  • Jeff Stone
    Jeff Stone

    It's too easy to make fun of this guy. This guy gets away with everything, first he makes death threats against politicians, cops do nothing, because he's a famous white actor; then he gets busted verbally abusing his kid, during a custody battle, and nothing happens...While a Black politician, living a dream running for Pres, and the trashiest of white women come out in full force falsely accusing him of one thing or another...Congratulations, you ruined the wrong guy's life. ALEC BALDWIN SHOULD BE THE ONE ASSAULTED BY THE MEDIA.

  • Singin'InTheRain

    too bad the plane was at the gate. should've been at about 30,000 feet, no parachute.