Adele Requests Alcohol, Cigarettes & Chocolate on Tour, Check out Other Celeb Riders! (PHOTOS)

Adele’s tour demands look more like a party supply list! From junk food to beer,  the Grammy nominee’s alleged rider was leaked to London Daily Mail, and the requests aren’t too outrageous when you consider Eminem reportedly asked for a koi pond

The “Someone Like You” singer reportedly requires the following items (among other things): 

  • Three bottles of ‘very best red wine.’ (Italian, French, Australian or Spanish)
  • 12 bottles of European beers (Stella Artois, Becks or Peroni), North American beer is not acceptable
  • Marlboro Lights plus 1x disposable lighter
  • Small selection of fruit including bananas, apples and grapes (NO CITRUS)
  • Small plate of individually wrapped sandwiches to include chicken salad (no tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit)
  • Cartons of fresh orange and apple juice.
  • Selection of various bite-size chocolate bars (Twix, Mars, Milky Way, Aero)
  • Quart of 2% milk
  • 24 bottles of small non-carbonated spring water
  • Large mugs for tea
  • Electric kettle for boiling water 
  • Assortment of chewing gum

Whatever her rider may include, Adele is doing something right! The British breakout star is up for several Grammy Awards including Record of the Year. 

What would you put on your rider? Let us know in the comments!

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